Games similar to Inquisitor, Nightjar and Papa Sangre

I'm a bit of a new gamer, but I've found several games I like such as The Inquisitor, Nightjar, Etc. Can anyone recommend any others that are similar? Thanks in advance.



Their is a game called papasangre.

I have it.

That was one of the games I listed in the subject line of this post. It's a cool game.:)

Try Blindside

Blindside is a game that I really enjoyed. It's a little bit shorter than the other games you mentioned and has a few little bugs, but in my Opinion it's worth Those things. If you enjoyed PapaSangre you will probably like this.

Other audio games

Hello. I love all games you've mentioned. I'd recommend you to try blindside, escape the house, Aurifi. I am looking for more audio games as well

Soul Trapper

Soul Trapper is an excellent, high-quality audio game that I loved playing. The company has produced episode one, which was full of sound effects and great narrations. I'd definitely give it a try. :)

Aurifi is no longer offered in the App Store

I will try the games you suggested. I didn't have a good experience with aurifi when I downloaded it, and I see it's been removed from the app store. Thank you everyone for the app recommendations. By all means, keep them coming.:)

Just tried Soul Trapper, Escape The House and Blindside

Out of all of these 3, Blindside is my favorite. Soul trapper is cool, but with most buttons not being labeled, it's more difficult.:( Escape the house is the one that stumps me, but I haven't played these for very long, so....yeah. I'm sure I'll get better with practice.

I tried playing Escape the

I tried playing Escape the House and really likeed it, even though I kept getting lost. I tried to re-download it from my purchases in the app store yesterday and it's no longer there . I wish they bring it back because it was lots of fun!

A few more:

A few more are A Blind Legend and Mindsight.

Vanished is a

Vanished is a good game as well. You fight some monsters along the way and you work your way towards sounds. Pretty fun, but it is too short. I finished in one day. Hope they make it longer.

Soul Trapper is no longer offered in the App Store as well

I just checked and Soul Trapper isn't in the App Store. I think they were removing all the games that are 32-bit and haven't been updated in awhile. it's a good thing I already finished that game, I hated the ending, it wasn't happy like I hoped it would be.