The future of haptick feedback, what I'd like to see.

Hi all. I know with hardware evolving, we need to get used to things changing. When I had my Iphone six S plus, my phone when it was on mute, the haptick feedback was not really present. Yes, it was there when i pressed the 3D touch on an app, that was about it. I'm under new hardware now, I notice quite a difference. Such as "liking", a facebook post now it will give a gentle tap so to speak. i'd like this to be expanded in future Ios updates, as long as the current models can be supported. I'd like to see a few changes. I'm just thinking out loud, I understand most of this is pipe dream worth. First, the messages app, or other third party messaging apps. When you have your phone on mute, if you send a message, there is currently no sound. Why couldn't haptick feedback be implemented? This behavior would work for audio messages both starting, stopping and sending. How about if the keyboard clicks are turned off, or again muted, you feel a slight buzz when a space is entered, or a letter is deleted? To my way of thinking these small changes could help typing in an environment to be sure you are typing what you want too. I realize this has problems. For instance, I'm sure one of them might be that all the extended ware on the motor would ware it out faster. I'm not saying for example you couldn't have speech on, so that you could still feel the letter was entered, not having to either put your phone to your ear, or use a bluetooth headset. I know that each year, you have better, faster, "smarter" no pun intended phones coming out. Especially for the expense of the X, it would be great for apple to bring a little ingenuity to the table. They did say they wanted to have IOS work with older iphones. For anyone who does not have 3Dt ouch, I am not leaving you out, nor am i suggesting you should upgrade whenever that day comes. Just those of us who have it, i like it personally, i hope it can be expanded. I got on here, because a game I play, a time waster, has a little buzz when i select answers to each question on a quiz. That was how i came up with this idea. Thoughts? Hate it? ;) just my 2 cents.


It's up to the apps

You want to direct suggestions like that to the app developers. For the stuff you suggested, some apps do what you described. WHatsApp uses haptic feedback to indicate start and stop recording of voice messages, and there are a few 3rd party keyboards that will vibrate on key press. There is one just called Haptic keyboard, which I haven't tested, but also FlickType, which will have an excellent system wide keyboard soon which you can already test if you join the beta, has support for haptic feedback and will tap you in different ways when you press keys or delete text.

I agree partially

Hi, thanks for responding. I agree there are probably third party keyboards I didn't know exist, i did try flick type, if it gets implemented, I'll be all for that. Apple could use their own ingenuity to make haptick feedback stand out more. As it is, between vibration which is a whole other can of worms, haptick seems to be kind of an afterthought. Not having an Apple watch, I can't say for sure how I would like that sensation on my wrist. Just my thoughts of how maybe Apple can use haptick, something they designed, a little more efficiently. I mean they could say have a toggle, either ring, vibrate, or just use feedback when someone is calling, or a message comes in on the native app. As I stated, I'm sure most of this isn't really relevant, that's what happens when I pull an all nighter. Seriously, I just would like to see other apps use Haptick, Apple having more creative ways to do things with it. I am sure third parties can take advantage of Haptick, was just hoping Apple would use it for more then the what I consider minimal implementation. I know the person who created the blindfold series of games, did not use the engine, owing to the fact they said the sound of it is very loud on a video recording. I and I think others, pointed out that we really didn't care to have Voice over shouting when we were recording, if the situation wasn't a safe one, for example. I absolutely get that Haptick isn't great for every app, Apple was my main focus here. Thanks again for responding.

Interesting Suggestion

I read this post with some curiosity. I didn't know there was a difference between vibration and haptic feedback, since this is my first iPhone and I only got it a few months ago. Having said that though, I like this suggestion. I'm wondering if it could perhaps be implemented into the QWERTY keyboard that appears in some apps such as Messages, when VoiceOver is turned off or the volume is turned way down. Or am I misreading something here? I'm taking the next few days to really practice on my iPhone, since my neighbor across the hall is out of town, lol! He's a great guy and all, but he's constantly over here and I'm constantly at his place.

You are correct.

Hi. First, awesome you have a new phone. Let me try to explain a little. Instead of opening Mail, writing message, sending, closing mail, picture this. You touch "mail", press with your finger until you feel a little "tap," that's the best way I can describe it. From there, you have dismiss shortcut menu, or new message, or mailboxes, what I mean is, this is an easier way to get things done. So vibration is loud, everyone hears, Oh great, Joe's phone went off. Wheras, if I had to send a message, instead of the very loud buzz, buzz!! you'd barely hear what would sound like two fingernails tapping twice. So it's really a much more subtle way of saying, dude, answer the phone? I hope that made some sense. If you'd like a better explain, look for me on messenger, facebook that is, storm.Irish add me and i can probably by audio explain what i mean. I just think this has potential. i mean vibration is it's own set of circumstances, this is different. btw, if you need help on anything, let me know i'd love to help. Contact me off of here, we can work out something.

Expanding haptics system wide.

They’ve implemented a sort of tap when you turn on or off a switch button or other item like that. It’s not great, but it’s there.