A further query please about Crafting Kingdom

Hi all, just a further query re crafting kingdom if that’s ok. So, to have temporary boosts i’m guessing you select the boost, e.g. bag of gold, then close the video with the app switcher. Where do i go to actually go, or how do you go about, actually using the boost? I’m watching these videos but my progress is telling me i haven’t activated any boosts. Is there something i’m missing? Am i perhaps closing the videos down incorrectly and therefore activation of the boost is not registering? Thank you in advance.


not sure

It was long ago that I used the ads boost thing.
I bought the boost package so I no longer have to watch ads to get my boosts.
I don’t think you should close the videos in the app switcher; I think you will have to find the close button, often located in top left or top right corner.


Ah right. I did try finding a close button (as you say, top left or top right in a lot of cases) but without success. I then heard on the podcast demo of this game that the podcaster was finding that the only way he could close the video using voiceover was using the app switcher, but as far as i can tell doing this is somehow preventing my use of boosts from being activated. Did you have to have progressed so far through the game before you could stop watching videos, or am i ok to just go ahead and make that purchase whenever i want?


Actually you can purchase the boosts thing whenever you like. When you have that, you will NEVER have to watch ads to be able to use a boost and all of your boost slots are unlocked and you get five minutes extra boost time.
I mostly did it because I hated watching the ads. It is a good idea. It costed 50 swedish kronor when I bought that.
I do believe it will be the equivalent of five dollars if I am correct.

Great, i’ll have a look

Fantastic thank you. I’m the UK so it should therefore only cost about £3 i should think. If it means no more videos that won’t even close down without drastic action then that £3 is well worth it ☺️