Focus FS 14 and 40 BT 4th gen, latest firmware freezing on iPhone

Hello Everyone.

I am finding the Focus FS 4th Gen Braille Display locks on my iPhone 8+ running v12.1. I have seen the same issue on my older iPhone 6 using version 11 and possibley v12 of iOS. The keyboard is not locked (I can input text).

what occurs, is I am using the braille display. Such as the right rocker switch to move between items in an app. Then the Braille Freezes. The text is the last information on the screen.

Troubleshooting I have done:
1. Re-paired the unit.
2. Power cycle both the iPhone and Braille display.
If I power cycle the Braille display, it works again for an unknown time frame. This occurs with both focus 14 and 40 using the latest version of firmware 5.71.

If I use the bluetooth on my Mac or window machines. do not have the issue. I have even used Android with no issues. Thus it is not a hardware issue on the Focus. Anyone seen this issue or have any other tips?

It seems to me the bluetooth driver is disconnecting or the braille component of the iOS is crashing but not causing voice-over to fully crash. These are just guesses.