first time user of iTunes on the mac

Hi everyone, I'm chasing my tail here, can someone please point me in the right direction for some useful guides and or podcast which clearly outline how to use iTunes on the mac, I'd like to learn how to access particular songs and play them, and I have no idea how to sink to my iPhone, for example I'd like to delete all the music and start all over again with the musical content on my phone. Any help would be appreciated. I thought using iTunes on the mac would be appreciated.


further question

ok, so I fiddled about and found how to sink music, but is there a quicker way to access the list of artists/albums by typing in the first few letters of the artists/album name, when I type I get a ding sound, also is there a way to bring up a song list? I would like to sink songs from particular albums rather than the whole one. Can I view a list of songs on my iPhone through iTunes on the mac? Help appreciated


Not sure how much this will

Not sure how much this will help as I'm probably not running the absolute latest version of itunes and I sometimes struggle slightly with it, but to search I first do Command f to get into the edit box then start typing. As I type there's the pop-up sort of sound and when I've finished typing I VO right to get into the search results, find what I want then go into the context menu with VO Shift m and can play it. To look at songs somewhere there are radio buttons and/or comboboxes to select between songs, albums, artists or whatever. Sorry if this doesn't match your version of itunes but hope it might help a bit/give you an idea...