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and here is the AppleVis review

and here is the link to the App Store:

to all Feer Gamers please rate and comment us on App Store to keep this game spreading around the world.
You can do this - while cooling down from gaming - directly in the game, go to options, contact, rate the app or recommend us.
And invite friends to play with you. You can do this in the highscore section, go to highscore, friends and add a friend.

Android users have to wait till October, we only got 4 hands.

We are very happy about your warm welcome here at AppleVis
all the best and spread the news


I LOVE it!

This has become one of my favourite games though I scare the crap out of my staff when I am about to die and start screaming. I love the fact that there is both dark and light. I have played this a lot even as a beta and love the feature that was not yet in the beta.

user guide

has there a user guide available to this game?


can someone make please a feer game podcast on applevis?

Give it time

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I am sure a podcast will come out. Someone usually doesput one together, but they might need a couple of days. :)

play for a while first

People immediately want podcasts when a new game comes out. Play it first. See if you like it. Try to figure out the difficulties you encounter. Otherwise, the game has no replay value, or very little.

Fixed that

I fixed it so now I can play using the stereo speakers on my iPad.
How does the scoring work?

Ratings - Reviews on Apple App Store

App Developer

Ratings and reviews are essential and vital for sucess. So all of you, that like Feer, pause the game, go to the options menu and press the rate the app button and write a review. Only 8 of hundreds of players have rated it.

all the best

Some people want to hear a

Some people want to hear a podcast to get a feel for the game before deciding whether or not they want to buy.

It was cheap enough so I just went and bought it, plus the description of how to play sounded easy enough to figure out with out a podcast.

For expensive games like, Echoes from Levia: Soulbound I can certainly understand the need for a podcast, but this one really doesn't need it.

However, for those who still want a demonstration of the game, I'm sure there will be a podcast eventually.

I don't have the skills or the setup to do a podcast otherwise I probably would have recorded one by now.

I certainly played it enough times to get a feel for how the game works.

other games?

hello to the feer developers, will you be making more immersive games, such as feer? or, will this be your only title? just curious what the future holds for your efforts.


Hey everyone!
Yesterday Liam Erven did a stream on YouTube and Feer was the first game he played. So you can definitely see what the game sounds like. But I agree that it's not expensive at all. I sincerely hope everyone buys it and write a review on App Store to help promote the game!
Here's the link:
If you jump to 14:40 you'll go directly to the gameplay and skip the tutorial

Lovely game

This game is awesome. enough said. It'd be really really fun to hear a sighted person playing this game :).
Has anyone had a sighted person play this game yet? If so, can someone tell me how the graphics are?

I have

I have had a seighted person play this. It was my staff. She said it went very dark after a while. But there are actually graphics. I have to say, however, that I am better than her. haha. I thought she was going to throw my phone at the wall or something.

that's amazing

I'd love it if someday there was an online mode where we could play against each other somehow. maybe one person puts the obstacles down and the other must get around them. and then they switch

Wonderful game

This game is very wonderful. I love it. I like the way you solved the nickname problem.

Really love this game

I really love this game. I don't usually rate apps on the app store, but as requested by the developer, I did so and gave it a 5 star rating. I recommend everyone to give this a try. Am up to mission level 10.

More Games Please

This environment has been well thought out and executed. Would love to see more games from the developer.

Behind the scenes

App Developer

I´d like to take a few minutes to tell you from behind the scenery. Hopefully that answers your question about next games, multiplayers and extra stuff.

before we started FEER, we had another game in the pipeline, that was too big of a workload for newbies like us. We don´t spoil it, cause maybe we gonna release it sometime.

but for now, all our workforce goes into ramping up FEER. We write to dozens of game reviewers at least to list this game, besides automatic replies without any further notice. Here i want to thank especially the blind community and more this forum for being so friendly with us.

So if you like this game, one of the essential things is to spread the word, since we got no supply from the official press. Rate it, like it, invite friends to play the game. Everything can be done inside the game in the contact section. Invite also cited friends to play it, for them the challenge is bigger, cause their screen gets darker, if they don´t collect enough fairies and they have not trained their ears, so you all beat them anyhow.

the Update for the light-bug is on review at Apple´s, so let´s stay in touch
and spread the word

best Hansjoerg from FEER

Great game!

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Absolutely love this game. I am planning to give this a 5 star rating when not at work. One thing I would love to see in advanced missions is different sound environments. For example, after a while, it would be fun to have to navigate three lanes while on the beach or in a ruined city, or even in the desert or the arctic. What about the jungle? Still, amazing game! I think I am on Mission 26.


how many missions are there?


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Pretty much endless.


I got the update now and the lost light bug is now fixed. I don't have any friends as of now. Going to spread the word as much as I can. I have posted high score on Facebook quite a lot and I have rated the game five shining stars on the app store.


greetings Feerthegame, just for your info i have emailed you and haven't got a reply why would this be?

Ratings - Reviews on Apple App Store

App Developer

Renew my call for ratings in Canada, United Kingdom and Australia
pause the game and go to the options menu and leave your comments and rating on the Appstore.

best Hansjörg from FEER

a request or two, and high prays!

Hey FEER devs, what a terrific game you have put out here! You can count on my 5 star review even though I'm only on mission 3. lol
My request is to include an option to be prompted to have a fairy restore your game for you when you get killed. As a rule I never do this, and its one more semi-annoying screen to get past so I can try again. :)
So in the options screen it'd look like, if you wish to be prompted to be restored after each death, double tap here.

I hope this is doable in the near future. Also I have to agree with sockhopsinger in post 20. As the game progresses, or maybe just make it an option so one can choose their type of environment or terrain. That would really open up this game and make the background come alive as well!

Since I only heard the tutorial once, I seriously can't remember what all the power ups sounds were supposed to be for.
If there was a way to have a feature where you can "learn game sounds", that'd be a real help for newbies to become familiar with all the new sounds their about to encounter. We see a lot of this with audio PC games where you can go back and learn game sounds again, or for the first time before playing. Although I did enjoy the tutorial, it was nicely hands on. :)
Unless there's a page on your web site where I could go relisten to the power up sounds, with an explanation what they do? Thanks.

Great job with FEER! Half the time, I can't put this game down . lol Looking forward to more awesome updates!
Thanks again!

RE: a request or two, and high prays

I also agree with this poster and the original poster, who suggested the ability to change the environment background. What a great idea. This will just add both more enjoyment and more complexity to the game.

I rated this 5 stars in the

I rated this 5 stars in the app store, and I'm from australia.

You said something about not enough ratings from certain countries, australia being one of them.

It's a nice little time waster, and the missions aren't too difficult, sometimes a little challenging.

Thx for rating

App Developer

Must be at least 5 people in each country, before that no ratings appear in the local store.

FEER Options Menu

App Developer

In the Options Menu there are is a submenu and in the help menu, there is a replay tutorial.

Re: Power up sounds

Hello there, I went to the link that was posted by the game developer, but I was unable to play any besides the first power op sound on the webpage.
Am I doing something wrong? It’s only the first sound will play on the page, I assume, there is an error further down.
I appreciate your help posting these sounds, it is a huge help! If there’s a way I can get you to listen to these, let me know, thank you!

Re: Power up sounds

App Developer

We checked the website and all sounds are playing, as expected. So can you please specify your error.
( Device Info, Network connection, IOS Version, does it read the text files, have you tried reloading the page )

all the best Hansjörg from FEER

From what I remember, when I

Club AppleVis Member

From what I remember, when I would first load the powerups page, I could pick any sound and it would play. But when trying to play subsequent sounds, I didn't hear anything. I'm not sure if reloading helps. Fortunately for me, I have a Mac, and the site works perfectly there. But I realize not everyone has alternatives. I don't know if this is a VO bug, but assuming it works on sighted people's iOS devices, it probably is.

Re: Power up sounds

Hi Hans, thanks once again for posting these sounds. I was able to listen to all of them while on my desktop PC using internet explorer of all things, but not able to listen to more then the first boost sound sample while using my iPhone 7 with Safari. My iPhone has the latest IOS version which, at this point its IOS 12.0.
Really not sure why this is a problem for Safari, but so long as I can study these sounds and memorize them from my PC, its all good. :)

Thanks again!

Ratings vs. Highscore

App Developer

Canada 2 ratings on App Store, Australia 3 ratings, United States 45 ratings

actual global highscore 2.488.754 points by darken, this is simply incredible

Unacceptable mission requirements

Hi all, I have to say I hate spending my lights to complete a quest in order to complete a mission. Just a little pet peave of mine. lol
I work hard for those lights, and I plan on using all of them for upgrades, and felt kinda robbed to be forced to use them for a quest/mission.
I know it seems petty, but I kinda resented that. lol
Just thought I'd give my two cents.
Thanks for this terrificly addicting game!

I know what you mean about

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I know what you mean about spending the lights. Five hundred can be made up fairly easily, but beyond that, it can take several runs to make up the lost amount. But still, when you're so close to a quest goal and you think you can do it in a couple more minutes or whatever, it's better than starting over. Sometimes, salvaging a run makes sense, and it's good the option is there, even if most of us try not to use it regularly.

Next Steps

App Developer

After the successful launch of FEER ( interviews, booth at the gamecity, game of the year nomination, a lot a press work)
where you all are a part of it, we go back to our office to make some improvements on FEER.
All gamers, old and new, inscribe for the newsletter on www.feer.at to keep in touch.
best hansjörg from FEER


I don't have my phone at the moment and I would like to play this I am on level 24 and I don't want to start over on my iPad but I will do that anyway because I cannot put this game down.
Looking forward to everything.