Favorite podcast app?

Hi all,What are your favorite podcast apps?


#1 have 3

I like the native podcast app, Overcast and I just started using Stitcher. Only thing that bugs me is the screen you get after you create your account has a lot of unlabeled buttons. Button labels are quirky at times, but I like it so far.
but if I had to choose, I'd say the native podcast app, and overcast.

#2 my personal favorite podcast app

i love overcast app because its completely voiceover accessible and simple and easy to use:)

#3 Overcast

App Developer

The default iOS podcast app took a turn for the worse with iOS 11. Overcast is simple and powerful, and the developer is committed to keeping VoiceOver support great. Highly recommend Overcast.

#4 Tune-In Radio

I really like using Tune-In Radio. You don't need the subscription to use the app to listen to podcasts and free stations. The app is very accessible as well.

#5 The Ones I Use

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I have Overcast, Downcast and iCatcher. I mostly use Overcast, but you won't go wrong with any of them as they all have great Voiceover support.

#6 Fave Podcast App

Love Overcast but it seems limited in its ability to share. I use Apple's Podcast app for that.

#7 iCatcher

I use iCatcher. It is feature rich, and has a responsive developer.

#8 Downcast for Me!

I've tried many other podcast apps and always seem to come back to Downcast.

Don't know why but it seems to be a better fit for me.

#9 downcast for me also

Does everything I need and love the interface of it.

#10 My fave podcast app

I use Icatcher