Echoes from Levia help

I am stuck on a puzzle and i’m wondering if anybody can help. Attention, spoiler alert! I seem to be stuck at a door that needs to be pressed a certain way in order to get through. There’s some kind of audio pattern i’m missing. Please help!


#1 Here's what you do.

There are three buttons next to one another. In order to open the door, you must sidestep to the one on the left and tap it. Next, sidestep two times to the right and tap the button on the right. Now take one sidestep to the left and press the button in the middle. Finally, take one sidestep to the right and press the button on the right for the final time. That's it.

#2 It took me a while to work

It took me a while to work that one out

#3 marshes

If you've got as far as the door, chances are, you've got off the ship. I'm trying to get across the marshes, but can't, for the life of me, figure out how to get across. The chiming noise takes you to the no-go bits, but there is the sound of frogs, which try as I might, I can't pinpoint. I'm assuming the frogs are a clue. Any suggestions?

#4 Stuck on the same level

Hi, I'm stuck on the marsh level as well. for a while I thought I'd cracked it ... no go. I can tellyou though that frogs are not a clue. My best guess to solving this level is that it's a maze--but a maze where you have basically no clue how to navigate except the cryptic advice of the chuckling demon in your consciousness.

#5 Keep turning

You have to keep turning to find the right path forward. There is a wierd echo that makes it sound like there are bubbles in 1 direction when there are none. Just take your time and keep turning until you are sure of your path forward.

#6 Someone could create a podcast please?

Hello everyone. I also stuck in the Marshall part. Someone could please create a podcast.