Ear Monsters and Game Center: Question from the Developer

App Developer
I'd like some help from this community! I'm just finishing up an update to add GameCenter support for Ear Monsters. But I have a question. Many iOS games that support game center have the gamecenter login screen when you start the game. in fact, Apple states that you should provide the opportunity to log into Game Center as soon as possible (ideally when you can first present a screen to the player). I can see where this would get annoying, though Apple seems smart in that if you dismiss the GameCenter login screen 3 times, you can just disable it alltogether, but I'd like to get this community's thoughts... So my question is this: How do you feel about iOS games that show the GameCenter login screen right at the beginning? Annoyed? No big deal? How many of you use GameCenter while playing iOS games? Thanks, Brian, EarGames


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I use game center when playing games and I don't see showing a login in to game center screen when you first install the app annoying at all.