drafts writing app with voice over and Braille

Hi all,
I have two questions:
1. I decided to try drafts writing app as byword keeps uninstalling itself from the Iphone.
Now, I can type on it fine with my Braille display but according to previous comments on here it is meant to sink to I cloud however the document doesn't appear on I cloud on windows in my drafts folder have checked all sub-folders.
Equally how do uyou do headings.
Finally, my Orbit reader has gone back to be fixed so I am using my Apex with my I phone but can't navigate through line by line on when writing emails have tried setting the rotor to line mode and using the thumb keys but it just jumps totally out of the text field and back to the subject.
Finally is there a command to scroll to your next page of apps have looked under voice over braille commands but couldn't find the name of that command or any braille keys on the apex that would allow me to permit this task.
Getting back to drafts, can you open draft app files on pc and read them with Jaws?


Unfortunately, if you're

Unfortunately, if you're using the Drafts app I'm thinking of, this won't work for you at all, or at least you'll have to export each draft that you want to access from Windows each time you change it.

Drafts uses its own database to store its files, not the file system. When it says it syncs by iCloud, this only applies to the database, which you need another copy of Drafts to read, and unfortunately, there is no Drafts for Windows, although there is for the Mac.