Does final cut Pro X work with voiceover?

Ever since receiving my MacBook late 2009 for Christmas in 2014, I have always used iMovie to edit my videos. It took a long time to learn how to use that with voiceover, but I eventually learned and now I am an expert at it. If you'd like me to make a tutorial on how to use iMovie with voiceover, I will eventually. However, lately I've been thinking about making the upgrade to Final Cut Pro. But I was wondering if anyone you knew if it works with voiceover as well as Imovie does. It cost $300, and I don't want to buy it and find out it does not work with voiceover. Please help


iMovie tutorials needed

Hi Mathew,
I am really, really interested to learn about the iMovie program. I tried it both on my MacBook Pro and iPad, without success.
I am trying to edit some of my videos and find it very hard.
If you can do some guides or tutorials, I am sure there are other blind people who would benefit from your experience. I certainly will.


Hi Matthew. Yes I too would

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Hi Matthew. Yes I too would definitely benefit from an iMovie tutorial if you were happy to create one. Also interested to hear if you are able to get to grips with Final Cut Pro.


I am still interested in iMovie tutorials. I understand the keyboard shortcuts integrated into the program makes it accessible for the blind, too. Any help is welcome.


Wow, that is wonderful to hear! Looking forward to watching it, and, thank you!


Wow, thank you. Very much looking forward to it all...

Many thanks for any info on iMovie

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I too would be very interested in any info on editing with voiceover. Before losing my sight, I was in the TV and film industry, and have badly missed being able to edit small projects of my own without sighted assistance. If there is anything I can do on my end to facilitate info on this, please let me know. Thanks again.

I was wondering, how do you

I was wondering, how do you unmute a video on Imovie on the Ipod? I have worked out how to add the audio/music file over the video, however the audio track is the only track that plays, not both at once.

Final Cut Pro

Hey everyone, I have a fairly large YouTube channel going now and I am looking to increase the quality of my videos and saw several blinds on YouTube using Final Cut Pro and I also downloaded the tutorial from the App store then purchased Final Cut Pro X. I have many of the commands down but there are a few buttons unlabeled and I still haven't figured out how to insert a talk bed where I want. Has there been anyone as of yet to dive deep into Final Cut? Thanks

Adobe Premiere and VoiceOver

Hi all,

It's great that someone put together a tutorial about Final Cut. Do you know any resources about using VoiceOver and Adobe Premiere and related software? Thanks