Does anyone play Yatzy World?

So I discovered this game a few days ago. It is not properly accessible, but it is playable. The difficult part is opening a game in progress. I do that by turning off VoiceOver and then tap at a special point. It takes some time to get used to. If you play that game, I would like to play with you. I am Bree_Song_Flower.


#1 How about diceworld?

I do not play the game you talked about but was wondering if you were familiar with diceworld. In case you are unfamiliar with this app, let me say first off that it is very accessible and the developer actually responds to feedback. You get six games with this app all for free. Those games are farkle, yutsee, ballat, pig, threes, and 1 4 24. My username is wit beyond measure.
Best regards

#2 Have you reported the problem

Have you reported the problem with opening game to the devoleper? I also tested it but can't start a new game.

#3 Can you say where you tap

Can you say where you tap when you turn off voiceover? Is it on the middle of the screen. I wonder so I have a referens.