Does anybody know if the iFunbox app is accessible?

I was wondering if Ifunbox is accessible I know it wasn't in the previous years , has it improved?


I haven't looked at this in a

I haven't looked at this in a while but I wouldn't hold your breath, iexplorer from macroplant is kind of accessible though it could do with a lot of work, they only added accessibility after a lot of asking from me and I have pointed out where issues remain but I don't think they are willing to spend more time on it.
also with iexplorer the tech support seems really bad, I have now emailed them twice about errors I am getting when I try to use it to copy files and folders to my phone and have had no response, but as far as I know iexplorer is really the best of a bad bunch though I would love to find an alternative where the developers are actually interested in properly helping there customers.