Do Not Disturb Question

OK, quick question on Do Not Disturb and notifications: If you enable Do Not Disturb, will VoiceOver still read notifications if you have them enabled to show on your locked screen?


#1 Do Not Disturb

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Misty, Believe the answer is no. When the Do Not Disturb is set to ON and the screen is LOCKED. I believe you will get nothing on the screen. No notification will ever appear in this list or least Voice Over recognize anything there. HTH

#2 do not disturb on voiceover

Actually, I still get twitter notifications being read by voiceover on the lock screen when do not disturb is turned on. Really defeats the purpose of do not disturb.

#3 Twitter

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Yes, must agree that is the one and only exception. I believe that is a bug. Hope that get fixed soon. Drives me nuts. However, what I did find that was interesting is that. Even if you have the person you want to recieve a text from in your favorite phone contact. Those text will not come though either even though they can call me when the Do Not Disturb is on. A bit odd that you couldn't recieve a text but wish that was an option. That would be the only exception I like to leave on in the DND is on and the persson is in my favorite list.

#4 do not disturb

Does it matter whether you have an active appin the app switcher when do not disturb is enabled? I have gotten twitter notifications too. However, when I clear it from app switcher, they stop.

#5 favorites list in DND

I have good reason for setting up a favorites list as I'm sure all of you do. I have a b/f overseas who contacts me after my DND is set. He is in my favorites list. He primarily contacts me on my home number,however, if I am out past DND time, I want him to have the ability to get me if my phone is forwarded to my cell. If that is a problem, I am going to have real issues.

#6 Alarms and DND

Hi guys, if DND is on, will any alarms you have Set go off? I want to make sure this is actually the case.

#7 I have at least heard that it

I have at least heard that it does from multiple sources, though I myself have yet to test this.

#8 regarding alarms

I don't think dnd effects alarms, so I'm guessing that, yes, they will still go off when it's active or inactive. But that's just me thinking logically. *grin.*

#9 DND with Alarm

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Chelsea, Yes, the alarm will go off even if the Do Not Disturb is on. I use my phone to wake me up each morning and it does work just fine. HTH

#10 DND and alarms

My alarm goes off everyday even though do not disturb is enabled. My alarm goes off at 6 AM and do not disturb doesn't turn off until 7 am. So alarms work just fine even when DND is enabled.

#11 Thanks guys, I ditched my

Thanks guys, I ditched my alarm clock ever since I got to college and got an iPhone. It works so much better when I have different classes in the morning.