Disabling iOS updates?

I have an iPhone that I bought less than a year ago so you can imagine that I am not ready to spend more money on another phone, besides, I like the iPhone SE's size and form factor.

However, I've been hearing a lot of reports that iOS 11 is quite sluggish on anything below an iPhone 7, so I'm not interested in updating to it. Especially when you consider iOS 10 a downgrade when compared to iOS 9.

What would be nice, and wanted, is a way, official or not, to completely disabling any further iOS upgrades such that it would be like Apple not offering iOS 11 to the iPhone SE at all.

Is there such a hack?


#1 Do not agree to the terms and conditions

I currently use an iPhone 6 and am reluctant to upgrade to iOS 11. Whenever the update message pops up, I go as far as the Terms and Conditions screen and then click on Disagree. The Update message does not appear for a few weeks after that.

#2 iPhone SE

Hi Orko,
I have an iPhone SE and am using the latest iOS update. I have not noticed any slowness. Give it a try.

#3 Download & Delete

On my iPad and 6S+, I had it download the update. I then went in and deleted it in settings. Where you manage you storage, you can delete the update file after it downloads. It gives a message you can redownload it later. Now when I go to software updates, I have the option to download & install. I just leave it be, and am still on 10.3.3. I have not had it nag at me since.

#4 Those aren't permanet

While declining the terms and conditions or downloading then deleting the update do work, they aren't permanent solutions, you'll get nagged when the next update is released. I'd like the phone to either stop looking or not find any updates to nag about, as if I had an iPhone 4 which iOS 11 isn't being pushed to.


While you may not have noticed any slowness with your iPhone SE. Considering how many reports I've seen saying that iOS 11 is sluggish on the iPhone 6 series and the iPhone SE, and even more sluggish on the iPhone 5s, and considering how difficult it is to go back, I'd rather not chance it. Too many risks outweigh any possible advantages iOS 11 might offer.

Honestly, Apple needs to pull their heads out of their asses long enough to realize that consumers have the right to choose not to upgrade their operating system, and give them a way to turn off looking for those updates if they want to. As always, Apple assumes too much.

#5 No Really Good Solution

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

Hey Orko,

Unfortunately, I am not aware of anything that one can do to simply have
this turned off or stop from every happening. As I do understand that this can be very annoying when you have no interest in upgrading. Please know that I want to respect your decision but keep in mind that you are also not just denying in wanting to update your device to iOS 11 but also you are open to many security vulnerabilities that are known to have been patched. However, back to the original worries and that is the fact you don't want to have your device to run any slower when you don't have to. I respect that. As I have several slower devices like an extra iPhone 5s that I have laying around. It does run a bit slower on iOS 11 but not that much slower.

There are some things you can do to help not to get notified as much but as you say these are not permanent.

1. Make sure that your Updates are set to OFF in the Auto Updates
2. Make sure that if the update has been downloaded is removed from the Storage

The combinations of the two should slow things down a bit. There may be way to totally stop the notification if one wants to jailbreak a device, but this is not my area of expertise.


#6 Just keep declining.

Simply keep declining the update. You are not obligated by any means to update. People say that Apple forces them to do so, but it is not true. You don't have to update anything should it be not what you wish to do.

#7 Don't mean to disrespect but...

to be totally honest here: It is a pretty stupid idea to stay on a old release of any kind of Software. Securityreasons alone rectify this idea. Just step back for a few minutes and think about all the personal data you have on your phone. Potentially all that data could get to basically anyone who wants to have a look at them and claim to be you which then means they could open credit cards on your name and so on. Seems far fetched but gets easier and easier the older your Software becomes.

I would strongly suggest to update. And honestly even my iPhone 5s runs pretty good with iOS 11. And again: I really didn't want to offend anyone.

#8 RE: Don't mean to disrespect but...

I must agree with Dennis. My biggest concern for running on an outdated version of the OS software is the security vulnerability. We now have so much personal data that can be hacked on the iPhone now that it only makes sense to do everything to protect ourselves from the hackers of this world. Of course, I understand the original posters concerns for performance on a relativbely new device, but, personally, security weighs in much heavier than any slow down experienced by a new software update. In my personal uses of the iPhone, leaving myself open to any possibility of being hacked is simply unacceptable because so much of my life is on the thing.

I just wanted to share my thoughts and give the original poster something more to consider.


#9 The following is how you can disable OTA updates

1. Go to settings > general > storage and iCloud usage and find the iOS update and delete it if it has been downloaded.
2. go to Safari on the device that you want to prevent from offering iOS updates repeatedly.
3. Paste the following URL: hikay.github.io/app/NOOTA.mobileconfig.
4. You will be prompted to install a profile. Follow the steps to complete the installation – the whole process should take seconds.
5. Reboot your device.
6. Check for new updates by navigating to Settings > General > Software Update. You shouldn’t see one even if your device is on an older version of iOS.

#10 Thanks Saleem

Where did you find out about that profile Saleem? I might give it a try, but I would want to look into it myself first.

You are one hundred percent in the right Orko. If I add up all of the Apple devices that have been rendered unusable thanks to updates, I have lost thousands of dollars worth of tech. Update if you want, and don't update if you want, the bottom line is Apple should not keep nagging you. I have had to delete the ios 11 download from my phone twice so far. There are many many reasons people don't want to update and there should be an option for not updating and not getting nagged; especially on ios where you can not revert the update once you do it.

There is a class of software called nag ware; such software is usually free, but it repeatedly bugs you to pay for it or do something else, sometimes to the point where the software is not worth using for free. In my opinion, ios has become nag ware. You can use it without updating, but it's pretty annoying. I wish you could give a company 700 dollars and use their device without having to deal with nag ware.

by the way, here is the Online Oxford Dictionary page on nag wear if your interested; I did not make up the term.

#11 Be careful...


The profile trick has been around a while. While it works, be careful which site you pull the profile from. While some sites are legit, some are not. And if you happen to get one from a bad site, they can end up controlling or get info from your device. If you aren’t sure what a profile is or what it can do, google it and learn more.

As far as updates, the manufacturers can never win. If they push updates, a percentage of users complain how they don’t want to be reminded. If they don’t push updates, a percentage of users complain how their software is out of date. Then you will have a group that does not want to install the updates but are the loudest complainer when they get hacked, lose data or have many problems that the update addressed.

For the folks that don’t want to update their software as Apple releases them, you are missing out on the Apple security and fixes. Perhaps you should consider an Android device. Besides the google phones, the other android manufacturers rarely pushes out updates. After all, why support a company that have engineers that have their head up their ass as you put it.

HTH and good luck.

#12 Careful!

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Yes, be very careful in what profile that you allow on to your phone. This can be very serious and if you install malicious profile this can have adverse consequences and make your phone vulnerable. Make sure that the profile is from a safe site and you understand what is contained in that profile. As magical this may sound and that this profile can certainly do what it claims to do. I'm just very concerned in what is in that profile. A silver bullet may not always be crack up to be but if this indeed safe. This is certainly an option that you have been seeking for. Just remember at any point if you do want to update your device. Just remove the profile and restart the device. At this point you should be able to download the latest iOS that is available of your device.

This is something I am going to check out to file for future reference. If this is indeed a safe and legit way. I'm sure others would will be happy to hear about.

As others have mentioned. Absolutely this is your choice. I hope you found the answer you want and good luck on your decision!

Someone ask where they found this as I had the same question. I did a Google Search on that and found this:


#13 Source of the tutorial

The source of the tutorial is https://iphonebyte.com/turn-off-ios-update/ and I do agree you have to be careful where to get the profile I have installed this and there are no issues.

#14 Thanks! But...

Saleem, thanks for that info, that is just what I was looking for.

Since I am not certain what profiles are as it relates to the iPhone, I intend to do some research first before applying it to my phone.

This seems like a hack and I am very careful about hacking or unlocking my phone, so to those saying, "be careful", don't worry, with something like this I intend to learn all I can about it before I do anything with it. And even then I intend to be very careful.

The peace it would grant me from upgrade nagging would be wonderful, but even that is not worth risking my phone over.

And to the person who suggested, I already have all the automatic updates under iTunes & App Store in settings turned off.

#15 I totally agree with David S and other posters.

I agree with David S and other posters who have already explained the importance of updating your devices. However, I see that some people don't like to be reminded to upgrade the security of their phones, iPads, etc., But I also think that those who won't upgrade their OS will be the first to complain when they get hacked. Anyways, the decision is always theirs to make. If you don't want to update, don't do it. In my case, I do update my devices because I want them to be as secure as they Can be. Yes, we all know that there are many bugs in the iOS 11, but you can still use your devices. The problems that we are having with this iOS version are not things that will prevent you from using your device. The thing is that nobody will be pleased 100% with anything. If you get reminded to update, you will complain because of that. If you don't get reminded to do it, you will complain because of that, too. Come on...

#16 Nope! But thanks anyway.

While I do appreciate Saleem sharing that information about disabling iOS updates, I have decided not to use it for two primary reasons.

1. It is a hack, and I'm nervous about hacking my phone.

2. It is unclear whether this hack can be undone or reversed.

So, I will be satisfied with occasionally having to decline and delete the downloaded updates.

#17 Hi,

I can see why you don't want to upgrade your iOS, as it's the iPhone 4 and iOS 11 won't work under that ancient device, lol! I update my iPhone every 2 years or so, for this very reason, I want to be able to upgrade to the latest os on the newer devices. Apple tends to only support there latest devices for like 5 years or so, so there's that. Just my opinion and thoughts!

#18 Not to update is a danger for your icloud data


I'd wait for IOS 11.1 and uptate.

Not to update is a risk. This is the reason, why Apple wants all users to update.

#19 Sorry

I wish to apologize for my previous message here.

Although it is no excuse for the messages I left, throughout my life I have had to endure many kinds of abuse from inside and outside my family from simple bullying and betrayal to outright illegal acts, you figure it out. In the end it has left me with a tendency to over react or over state myself.

My only real intention for the messages I left were to ask that if you aren't going to answer any of my questions, I'd prefer it if you'd not reply at all.

Before I lost my vision, I worked in the computer industry for 32 years and know all about the risks of not updating the operating system on my devices to the latest version. The last thing I wanted was for a bunch of people who think it is their duty to remind me of things I already know to ignore my question and reply with answers that were useless to me.

#20 Oh, sorry, my bad. I thought

Oh, sorry, my bad. I thought your post above, somewhere said you had the iPhone 4. My mistake lol!

#21 Wow.


Wow. What a jerk. Dorko comes in asking for help in a public forum then tells everyone to shut up. Wow.

Had I known the OP was a child with a childish attitude, I wouldn’t have toold him to be careful or should have pointed him to a profile from the dark web.

You know, the folks here at applevis are friendly and helpful. You might not always get the right answer or agrre with the post, but there is no reason to be rude. Folks will remember how rude you can be and might not want to post the next time you need help.

HTH and good luck.

#22 Wow! What an idiot!

I, for one, will never answer a post from this jerk. He comes here asking for help and, this is the way he responds? What an idiot! If you want respect, maybe you should start earning it and giving it as well. Over and out.

#23 there is nothing more important then being polite

Even if your making good points or have good reasons behind your positions, there is no value in talking if you are going to be rude; in fact, being impolite is always counter productive. That's just a basic fact you need to know in order to live in the world and work with people. If you think people are making the same point too many times, just stop reading posts to this topic.

#24 Sorry

I wish to apologize for my previous message here.

Although it is no excuse for the messages I left, throughout my life I have had to endure many kinds of abuse from inside and outside my family from simple bullying and betrayal to outright illegal acts, you figure it out. In the end it has left me with a tendency to over react or over state myself.

My only real intention for the messages I left were to ask that if you aren't going to answer any of my questions, I'd prefer it if you'd not reply at all.

Before I lost my vision, I worked in the computer industry for 32 years and know all about the risks of not updating the operating system on my devices to the latest version. The last thing I wanted was for a bunch of people who think it is their duty to remind me of things I already know to ignore my question and reply with answers that were useless to me.

#25 Wow, again.


Wow. You’re really an ass. Instead of apologizing and thanking people for posting, whether helpful or not, you are really showing how immature and selfish you really are. You told everyone to shut up, even the ones who tried to help you. You finally realized this so you had to explain in another post.

IF you only want answers, call Apple accessablility supportline. If you want answers, suggestions with some opinions mixed in, post in public forums such as applevis or apple support forums. You’re really dillusional if you think you can get answers without some opinions.

Anyway, good luck dealing with your iphone and personal issues. You’re really going to need lots of it. I, for one, am done with this thread as you’ve wasted enough of my time.

#26 You are, indeed, a little piece of art, aren't you, Orko?

Think you are mean and tough? Good luck! That childish attitude is going to get you in trouble, my friend. People like you is best to ignore. Next time, please just call Apple Accessibility. It's free, did you know that? Well… I am done with you and your thread. Over and out.

#27 no firmware updates also could mean no app updates, either

If you don't keep the firmware updated, app developers will leave you in the proverbial dust as well. There will come a point in time at which apps have continued to be updated to stay current with the newer phones and firmware, and you won't be able to take advantage of the updates. The security of your data has already been discussed. In short, if you want to leave your doors unlocked, and you agree that a sign for hackers to come on in and steal to your evil heart's content, don't update your firmware. If you want to stay safe, secure, and current, wait for iOS 11.1 to become available for all to download, and do it. It will work just fine on your iPhone. Also, to smoothly update, do it through iTunes so that you can use the screen reader on your PC to monitor the installation process. Be sure to back up your phone before doing so.

#28 concerning repeated messages

Think about this: Would you rather get several people giving the same good sound advice in a respectful way?, or would you rather get no responses due to the fact that you complain about repeats? If so many people are in agreement, there must be good reasoning, whether you agree with them or not. Don't you think it's a sign that you take their advice rather than bite our heads off because the answer you want is not the answer given? Keep in mind that people will remember your reactions to their posts and will act accordingly when they see another query from you in the future. If you don't get help or advice in the future, you only have yourself, by your reactions in the past, to blame. You have left a first impression on me, and it is not a very good one.

#29 Move On Everyone

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

Hello Everyone,

I'm going to request that we simply move on and let this topic end. Unless of course any one that may have another solution to the original question that Orko have asked. That would be very welcome.

Orko, as others have stated. Yes, I will admit it does and may have felt people were simply dog piling on you for security concerns, but they were simply trying to help you understand the ramification of not updating. But, in saying that I do understand that you may not have been seeking for any advice. Though I did not get that impression at first. I am glad that there was an answer that you were seeking but I also felt like that you made a blanket statement that everybody's comments were very unhelpful, and I don't really care about of your concerns. Including mine. So, for myself I was only trying to help by not only giving you a suggestion but also something to consider. It was nothing more than that. So, my apology if I appeared anything otherwise.

I just think that this got a bit out of hand and things were said that shouldn't had. That would be both sides of the party here. I'm glad you came to AppleVis to ask of a question. You did get a good answer. I'll recommend to everyone is that you don't have to keep leaving comments or answer back every time something comes up. Yes, a simple thank you everyone for the advice or not would had been the better choice but people have their own decision and choice that they will make.

So again, if we can. Let's please move on and we will just say this topic is resolved as Orko found his answer. Good luck Orko on the profile and I hope that works out for you. Please don't push this any more as we don't want have to close this topic down. Thanks.

#30 profile.

I installed the profile and works very well.
no fears.
thank you Saleem.
Apple, stop tormenting me with the misery of IOS 11.

#31 Not updating

As others have said a hundred times already, not updating is a very, very bad idea. The prompts can get annoying, sure, but I think the pros of updating far outweigh the cons.

#32 Is it reversible?

I found this while looking for information about reversing the effects of an installed profile.

[quote]To remove a configuration profile in iOS:

1.On your iOS device, open Settings > General.
2.Scroll to the bottom and open Profiles. If you do not see a "Profiles" section, you do not have a configuration profile installed.
3.In the "Profiles" section, select the profile you wish to remove and tap Delete Profile. If you have a passcode for your device, you will be prompted to enter it. Then tap Delete. [/quote]

Will these steps reverse the effects of the profile Saleem posted?

This is an area of iOS I have never experienced before so I want to be sure I can undo it, if needed.


#33 reversing the effects of a profile

No, it will not. All this will do is to make sure that you will not get any updates by using that profile. Take the iOS beta program for example. In order to receive betas and their updates, you had to install a profile. If you remove that profile, you will not get any more updated betas. The one that you are currently running is still being used. When a new version of the firmware that people who aren't on the beta program are using, you can update just as they do, to that operating system.

#34 I believe you mean yes charles, right?

I'm sorry if I am mistaken; I have not used this profile in question, and I maybe wrong about what you are trying to say charles. However, if Orko's question is, is the profile reversible, I believe the answer is yes, judging from what your saying about how profile betas work. Your explanation of your profile experience, seems to back up my own experience. I believe the effect of the beta profile is to allow you to download the beta. Once you remove the profile, that effect has been reversed, because you can no longer download new betas. Likewise, I assume if you remove a profile that keeps the phone from seeing a new update, that effect will be reversed and you will, once again, be able to see and download updates.

Once again, I'm not really speaking from personal experience; I may start using the profile in question, if I do I might post about my experience. Please feel free to say I am mistaken about what you are sayng, charles, or what you are asking Orko
. The only reason I'm posting this is because I don't want someone to read some comments and think once you download the profile you will never be able to update your phone again, unless that is indeed the case.

#35 removing the profile does not undo

If you install the apple beta profile, then use it to get the beta of the new firmware, then remove the profile, you are still using the installed beta. You have not reversed, or undone, the changes made when you installed the beta. The only thing that you have done is to not allow notification of future beta releases. You have not reverted to 10.3.3 firmware. I hope this clears things up.

#36 Correct, I do not want to

I understand, that if this profile allowed access to beta versions of iOS, that removing the profile would not remove the beta version of iOS I installed using the profile. But this profile does not do that, what it does os prevent the phone from seeing newer versions of iOS that are available for download and installation.

I do not want to apply this profile, if it cannot be undone. I might want to be able to update iOS sometime in the future, of if I sell the phone, the new owner might want to.

If I understand profiles correctly, after installing this profile should prevent the phone from seeing iOS updates, but if I remove the profile, then restart the phone, iOS updates should again be visible.

#37 404 content not available

Nervously, I decided to try Saleem's instructions, but when I went to the link, I got a 404 content not available message, can anyone confirm that the link is correct as posted?


#38 The profile, how it works

This is what I found out about that profile to block iOS updates.

It's not a hack, but a trick that uses Apple's own system against them. What the profile does is cause your phone to look for tvOS betas instead of iOS updates. Because iOS will only show you updates that are compatible with your device, it won't find any, so it will tell you your software is up to date. Neat trick!

Even better, the profile is easily reversed by simply deleting it in Settings, then rebooting your device.

Now that I understand what it is and how it works and that it is reversible, I have applied it to my phone, and it works great!

Unfortunately, the link Saleem provided no longer works, but I have found another web site that had a different link to the profile and it does work. For those of you that are interested, here it is:

1.If any update is already downloaded on your iPhone, you need to delete that. Navigate to Settings > General > Storage & iCloud and tap on Manage Storage. Navigate to the Storage tab, tap on the OTA update file awaiting installation and tap Delete.
2.Open Safari and open this url: https://cdn.unlockboot.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/NOOTA.mobileconfig
3.This website will point to an iOS software profile which will be downloaded to your iPhone and prompt you for permission during installation. Allow the installation.
4.The downloaded profile is extracted from the Apple TV OS. This OS currently only has beta updates which won’t be downloaded to an iPhone. This is a tricky workaround to prevent iOS OTA updates rolled out to iPhones.
5.Once you install the profile, reboot your device and wait.
6.After the reboot is complete, you shouldn’t see any update prompts inside Settings -> General -> Software Update.

To remove this profile and restore iOS update availibility:

1. On your iOS device, open Settings > General.
2. Scroll to the bottom and open Profiles. If you do not see a "Profiles" section, you do not have a configuration profile installed.
3. In the "Profiles" section, select the profile you wish to remove and tap Delete Profile. If you have a passcode for your device, you will be prompted to enter it. Then tap Delete.
4. Reboot your device.
5. Check for new updates by navigating to Settings > General > Software Update. If any are availble, newer versions of iOS should now be ready to download and install.

#39 Maybe not such a good idea

As I said in my previous message, I tried this and it did seem to work, however I noted a few things that you might want to consider before applying this profile on your device.

The first thing I noticed is that even though the software update page now says the software is up to date, the profile does not get rid of the update available messages and possibly the badges too.

So I deleted the profile and rebooted the phone. Before I applied the profile the software update page said that iOS 11.1 was available, but after the profile was used it now says that iOS 11 is available. At this point I can only hope that if or when I decide to update to iOS 11 that the latest version will be downloaded, but if not, once version 11 is running the point updates will become visible.

Thankfully, I keep my phone backed up to iCloud so if I need to I could just do a master reset on it, then restore from iCloud.

But I'm not going to worry about it until I decide to update to version 11.