Difficulties with VoiceOver and PDFs

Greetings all!
Using my iMac (OS High Sierra), I have been scanning in hard copy documents using an Epson printer/scanner and saving them as PDF files. Unfortunately, I have been unable to read said files using voiceover on my iPhone 7-plus. Should I get a more robust PDF creator that is compatible with my Epson scanner that allows me to make editable PDF files? I've heard good things about the VoiceDream Reader app; should I just get that? Or should I get an OCR reader? Thank you!


Seeing AI

It sounds as if you are creating inaccessible PDFs, which explains why you cannot access them on your iPhone. If I were you, I would just use Seeing AI or KNFB Reader to do OCR on the original documents and then save to your iPhone. And, yes, Voice Dream Reader is a good investment.

Prismo for Mac


Whilst I do not have to do any actual scanning, from time to time I do have to work with a lot of inaccessible PDF Documents.
I have the Prismo App on my Mac and find it does a good job of converting inaccessible PDF's to a number of other accessible formats.
Be warned though, the layout and operation of Prismo is not very intuitive, so if I haven't used it in a while I enjoy a good few minutes of frustration when trying to convert my first document...