Deleting mail.

Is there a quick simple way to delete mail in iOS6? Please be as detailed as you can.


#1 Rotor actions

Hi, I'm not sure about deleting in bulk, but the new actions feature in the rotor is great for deleting emails, voicemails, iMessage conversations etc. When you're in your inbox, flick until you find the message you want to delete and use the rotor gesture, like you're turning a knob, until you hear "actions". Flick up or down until you hear "delete" and then double tap. I'm not sure if the rotor will already have actions or if you need to add this in your Voiceover settings. HTH.

#2 Just to clarify the above

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Just to clarify the above comment, Actions is automatically in your roter. Even better, when your in Mail, and you put focus on a message in your Inbox, the roter automatically goes to Actions. So you don't have to find it, you just have to flick down, VoiceOver will say "Delete", and you double-tap to carry it out. As for deleting multiple messages, you also have the option of selecting "Edit" in the top-right of the screen. You then select the messages you want to delete, and then select delete at the bottom of the screen. HTH

#3 Thanks!

Ah! And here I always rotor over to actions haha. Good to know.

#4 Lol. I had a feeling a lot of

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Lol. I had a feeling a lot of people were doing that!