deleting iOS apps from iTunes library on a mac

App Developer

I'm wondering, is there a way to delete iOS apps from a mac? I don't want to delete them from iCloud, but I want to get them off the computer to get some storage space back.


Just go to itunes and find

Just go to itunes and find the app you want to remove. Open the context menu by pressing VO+Shift+M and then choose delete. Now choose move to trash and empty it. No worries, if you want your app back just go to the app store and download it again, except if the developer did remove his or her app from the store, in that case it would be lost forever.


To delete apps from iTunes, go to apps, then my apps, interact with the table and when on the one you wish to delete just delete it. Make sure to send it to the trash if you wish to get rid of it completely. empty your trash and you are done.