deleting episodes from the podcast client

Hi all,

I was trying to find a way to delete the episodes from the IOS podcast client but can't seem to find it. earlier, it used to be very simple. Any episode that you wished to delete, you just had to swipe up or down with one finger & we were done. but since my upgrading to IOS 11.4.1 on my iphone 6, I can't seem to find a way to do it.

I even looked through the library for any clues but ended up deleting my subscription to the podcasts whereafter, I had to go about resubscribing to those podcasts.

please help.


#1 deleting podcast episode

1. Select the Library tab.2. Flick right till you find Episode and activate it. 3. Flick right till you find the episode to be deleted. 4. flick down and double tap on Details. 5. flick right and find the Play option. 6. Flick down and double tap on More. 7. locate Remove and double tap it and then choose between remove download and Delete from library. HTH

#2 Double-tap and hold to get options

When the podcast is playing, look for on the left side of the screen towards the bottom, for the Now Playing button. Double-tap on it. Once there, towards the botom right, is a button More or Plus; double-tap on it, and you’d see options among them is Delete: you duble-tap on it, and it has Delete from Downloads, or elete from Library.
Another way to delete podcasts episodes is while on the Listen screen, double-tap and hold, and you’ll see options, among them is Delete, which when double-tapped, brings up the options described about of Delete from Library, or Delete from Downloads.Hope this helps some.