Creating your first iOS app in xcode 8?

Looking at
all the instructions assume drag and drop. I've heard that xcode 8 has accessibility improvements but have not scene any voiceover specific examples on using xcode 8 with the new improvements. Given the previous link how would I follow the instructions with Voiceover and xcode 8?


#1 Guide

Search this site for: XCode Guide

#2 xCode guides

App Developer

The xCode guides on this website are a little out dated. xCode 8.3 offers more in terms of accessibility and reliability, especially with drag and drop and IB features. In either case, when an xCode tutorial or book wants you to drag and drop, use CMD+OPTION+CTRL+SHIFT+F5 to lock the mouse on an object, then use the same shortcut to release the mouse. So, the basic workflow for drag/drop is this.

1. Lock the mouse with drag/drop shortcut keys.
2. Use VoiceOver navigation to put the system cursor in the desired location.
3. Press the drag/drop shortcut keys again to release the mouse.

To control+drag, you have to select the UI element in the document outline, find the connections inspector, then drag and drop the button for the specific connection to the destination the tutorial mentions.