copying text within email

Hello all.

Okay, I have a question that may seem dumb. I'm trying to copy the contents of an email so I can paste it into another document & am running into a baffling issue. I use the rotor & when I get to edit I flick down until I get to copy then double tap. The issue is, that when I get to the document & paste it into the document, it's only putting the first letter. I even tried using the copy feature in the share option.

Question is: How do I copy text withing an email so it can be pasted into another document?

Thanks in advance!




If you want to select everything, choose select all from the edit rotor option. If you want to select specific chunks of text, enable the text selection rotor. From that rotor, swipe up and down to choose the selection level, such as character or word. Flick right to select by the selected amount and left to deselect. When you're done, go back to the edit rotor item and choose copy.