compiling a scrivener project

First, and this is very important, I ONLY have my iPad with scrivener.
I have finished a book and need to send it to someone and I wonder if there is a way to make my project into a pdf or something.


#1 Yes there is

While I've never used the App myself, I do know that one of the big draws to it is the ability to export a finished project in word, PDF and I assume other formats. A very quick google search explains that if you tap on "share" in Scrivner, you can choose which file format to export to. This is only a guess, but you'll probably have to select something from your share sheet first.

#2 There should be a compile

There should be a compile button right near the top of your project. Don't know how you missed it seeing as you've writen a whole book in the thing. I'm not judging, I'm just saying ...

#3 you are right

Found it. Surprised I didn't see it. :-).