Comments and questions about IOS 10


I have been an avid Applevis reader for years and have learned so much from many of the posters here. I do so appreciate that ApplVis is here for us all to learn more about Apple and our devices.

I installed IOS 10 on Wednesday and have been experimenting with varius aspects since then. I have some comments and some questions.

In general, I like the update! I am seeing few major bugs.

First, I love the new Nuance voices! I especially enjoy the enhanced U.S. Tom and Ava voices. I do wish we could have more than one of them in our rotor at a time. I find myself switching between them, but would like to do so on the fly.

Next, I understand from talking with folks at Apple Accessibility that this is expected behavior, but I wish that the "Raise to wake," and "Rest finger to unlock," weren't linked. I like the ease of unlocking my phone by resting my finger on the Home button, but don't necessarily need to have the phone wake up every time I pick it up. I find it triggers even if its in my pocket and I stand up. I mentioned this to them.

Third, and here is a question you may be able to help with:
When I go to search for something either in the App store or the Podcast app, I dictate my search string, but no search button appears and the text does not appear in the edit field. When I type the text in, it does appear as does the search button. In the app store, I get huge categories to choose from rather than the actual specific app I am looking for. In the podcast app, I get nothing in response to my search. Is there something I am missing?

Forth, I have been trying to move apps. I swipe up and hear "Move," and then the app's name. I double tap on the app and hear "Choose a location to move this app." This is where I need help. I want to move some apps from page 4 to page two. What are the next steps?

Fifth, I appreciate the folks on the Apple Accessibility line, but now that I have no land line, it makes it much harder to get help that is effective from them without having them hear me walk through the steps they are giving me to solve a particular problem. Has anyone else had this frustration, and how might this be remedied? I don't use Skype or other such communications options.

Sixth, I too see the "Trash," button dimmed in my email app. I would like to be able to delete several messages at once, and it seems we have lost this feature at least for now.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.



You can turn raise to wake off under settings-display and brightness-raise to wake, just toggle it to off. Now if you just want to rest your figure on the home button I believe that's under general-accessibility-home button. As far as moving apps after you hear choose location to move you just would swipe until you get to your page numbers and swipe down to page 2, and then you would flick to an app and swipe down and it will give you options like create folder with (insert name of app here) move before app name move after app name.

raise to wake, and moving apps

Hi Troy,

Thanks for responding to my post.

What I understand from the Apple Accessibility folks is that "Raise to wake," and "Rest finger to unlock," are currently linked. What this means is that you cannot just select "Rest finger to unlock." You must use both features at this time.

I will try your instructions on moving apps though. I suspect I have already tried this unsuccessfuly, but if it works I will post that here.

They are not linked

Hi Raise to wake and Rest finger to unlock are not directly linked. I can unlock my phone by pressing the power button then place my finger on the home button to unlock the phone. I think what they ment is that with Raise to wake off it makes more sence to just wake and unlock the phone all at once with 1 press of the home button.

They are not linked

HI Jeff,

Once the finger print reader became active, I used to be able to just rest my finger on the home button to unlock the phone. I did not have to press the power button before resting my finger on the home button to unlock.

If I turn raise to wake off, I then have to push the home button to unlock the phone.

If both raise to wake and rest finger to unlock are selected, I can rest my finger on the home button to unlock.

The person at Apple Accessibility said that from her information this is "Expected behavior."

I tried your approach and it does work to press the power button and then rest my finger on the home button to unlock, but this is still one extra step I didn't take previous to installing IOS 10.


Very true although hitting the home button once will wake and unlock isn't a bad trade off I'd say.

Moving apps

Hi Troy,

If I swipe it then focuses on other apps that I do not want to move. The app I do want to move then is not the one with focus, so I can't get the menu to come up.

Moving Apps


Sounds like you almost have the Moving Apps function correct.
1. When you hear "Actions Available", swipe up on any App on any screen, double tap on Arrange Apps .
2. Navigate to whichever App you wish to move. With a single finger swipe up, locate and double tap on "Move XXX", where XXX is the name of your App",
3. Navigate to an App near the spot that you wish to relocate your selected App. Using the single finger swipe up, cycle through the selections. You will have the choice to place the XXX App either before or after the currently highlighted App. Double tapp on whichever is appropriate and you're done.


The missing step


Regarding moving apps, I think I know what's going wrong.I have this same problem sometimes, and eventually discovered that it happens when I forget one small thing.

First, find your app. Then, swipe to get the option to move said app. Double tapping will activate that option, but you then need to double tap with two fingers to make sure that app is selected to be moved. Once you do, find your desired location and swipe through the rotor actions, which will now be the menu you aren't getting.

I hope this helps.

Moving apps

Thanks for all of your suggestions and your patience.

When I go to move the app and swipe to the page I want, the "Actions," element does not appear in the rotor. I swipe up and just get the bonk sound that indicates end of page.

When I touch another app, it asks me if I want to move it, or delete it.

Steps to move apps

I think some people are confused about the steps to move apps. I know I was at first.

What seems to be unclear to some people is that two options need to be selected on the app you want to move. First, flick up or down on the app you want to move until you hear the option to Arrange apps. Double tap this option. Then, while still focused on the app you want to move, flick up or down again until you hear the option to move the app. Double tap this item as well.

Now that you've done those two steps, you can move anywhere on your home page, even change pages, to locate the place where you want to move the app to. Focus on an app either before or after the location where you want to move the app, or on which you want to create a folder. Flick up or down to hear the options. You can move the app before or after the currently focused app or create a folder with that app.

I hope this makes the process more clear.

moving apps

Thanks, Jeff, at least I have that second step down. It's the steps after that I am not having success with.

I've tried what people have suggested and so far nothing is working.

Try mamagic Tap

I've had best results when I use the "magic tap," or a double tap with two fingers once I've chosen to arrange apps. In this instance, it's a shortcut for moving the app, and it should hopefully help you. I had the same problem until I moved an app using this method, then was able to move others in the method most people are describing. Also, sorry if this morning's response was rather garbled. I was running on no sleep.

Regarding email

Hi there, I have spoken to Apple about this email issue, for right now, you cannot trash all emails like you couldn't iOS 9. Will you have to go to the email message, and flick up to delete now. I know that's archaic, but I really wish Apple would bring that trash haul feature back. Regarding your query about the App Store and search results not showing up, Apple is aware of this issue, I spoke to them about it yesterday myself, as has many others. They said they are aware of the issue, and they are going to get a fix out for it.

My technique for rearranging

My technique for rearranging the apps is to use a combination of the old and new. Just like the old way, do a single finger double tap and hold on an app until you hear Moving App name, then do a 2 finger double tap and you will hear Choose destination for App Name. Touch on any other app on the page you are on or do a 3 finger swipe left or right touch on top of any other app then do the single finger swipe up or down then double tap one of those options. The great thing then is you can then do a 2 finger double tap again on another app and move it.

Moving apps

HI and thanks everyone for your help.

I finally figured out the steps that were missing with the ehlp of a friend. VO says, "Arranging apps."

1. Swipe up - or down - on the app you wish to move.
2. Split tap on the app and VO says, Moving XXX
3. Double tap with two fingers on the app and VO says, "Choose a place to move XXX.
4. Find the place you want to move the app, and these next steps are what was missing. Find an app that is close to where you want to put the app.
5. Swipe up on that app and the menu comes up. Then choose move app before or after, or create folder.
6. On the choice you want, split or double tap.

Thanks again for all of your suggestions.

RE: Regarding email

The delete all feature still works as before on my iPhone 6S. I wonder why some can do it and some cannot? All I do is open the trash folder, double tap on the edit button, and then double tap delete all and confirm the action by double tapping on the delete button that pops up. These steps haven't changed between iOS 9 and iOS 10. Here's to hoping Apple rolls out a fix for the devices that seem to be affected.