Color identifier app

Please help. Looking for a color identifier app that actually works. Tried color ID and colored Eye. Both awful.


#1 taptapsee

I use taptapsee to identify colours.

#2 Color identifier

Thank you. But tap tap see is not only too slow but it is fairly in accurate. I know there is something out there that works. Just have to find it.

#3 color identifier

Has anyone found anything better than Say Color?

#4 Color Identifier Apps Suggestions

Two of the color identifier apps that I use include Examine Clothes Color and Aipoly Vision. I'd suggest to try the two apps to see if they work for you! Have a great day!

#5 Try this one

I've been using this app for the colors of all kinds of things, though it's intended for clothing:
Examine Clothes Color

One thing that's a little frustrating, though, you have to choose whether you want to use the picture or retake it before it shows the color description.

#6 Hi,

Not sure if anyone has put this in the topic yet, so I'm giving er a go. You know that TapTap see does identify colors of clothing? I've had great success with that feature. Even though I can see colors, the app will identify the basics, like black shirt. Or, i've even had the app identify what the shirt was saying, for instance I had on a white chevy nascar shirt, and it said white chevy t-shirt.