Coffee meets bagel inaccessibility

Hi, The dating app Coffee Meets Bagel is mostly accessible, but the chat button on the discover tab is no longer recognized by Voiceover using any method. I've emailed their customer support about it seeral times, and keep getting the response that they don't recognize voiceover, which makes no sense. They are clearly not willing to learn about it and test out the app with voiceover. If you are a CMB user, please create a ticket about this issue so that they can see that it's an actual problem.


what do they mean?

When they say they don't recognise voice over have you asked them what they mean by this? have you explained to them what voice over is?

I wrote to them a few months

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I wrote to them a few months ago about this, plus some general questions about the app. They answered the general questions but did not acknowledge the VoiceOver point.