[Closed] Coming soon - The Circus Masters Revenge

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Calling all Blind gamers. I am working with a game production company to develop a game similar to Audio Defence. I guess I got tired of waiting around for someone else to do it. My game is called The Circus Masters Revenge. You guessed it. Instead of zombies coming at you. You will have 23 different kinds of circus performers that are trying to attack you. This game is still in the early stages of development. My first time attempting something like this so I am being very very picky. I don’t care if the blind community wants to play this game or not. I want to play it because I am a blind gamer that misses this type of game. I have to admit that when Somethin Else left iOS. I was really upset. I never even got to play the night jar. They definitely were ahead of their time as far as game play goes. Atleast on a mobile platform. Nobody since has even come close. This is where I want to succeed. Not just for all the blind gamers out there but for me. If you are interested in a game like this. Let me know in a comment. The more gamers interested in a game like this will help my game producers understand how important this game will be to us. I even got Marty from the blindfold series interested in this game. He is helping me understand the business side of this adventure. So when this game is developed and you enjoy it make sure you thank him for helping me out with the process. I will keep everyone updated on the progress right here. Thanks for your time. I will try my best not to let you down.


Public release

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The CMR team and I have not set the release date in stone yet. We have figured out that it shouldn’t take longer than March to release. I can’t make any promises just yet. If you are still interested in game testing. Keep an eye on this forum, because I will be asking for testers when we start round two of testing. Now that I know we can have more than just 25. I will be looking everywhere for testers when it is time


Oooo a good weapon, popcornbombs

The time has come

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It is finally here. Welcome to the circus. Try not to get your butts kicked too bad. Ha ha

I want to play it so much

I got the invitation and downloaded the game. Unfortunately, I have to do my homework for school.


I would need to go to work to download the app. There is faster internet

You were warned

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I sent you the instructions. And the instructions it said you must have a stable Wi-Fi connection during download. Have a good day at work Maria

i'm downloading it

I'll send you feedback as soon as I start testing


I work tomorrow not today.

My invitation

Hi Joseppie, It appears that I have not got my invitation to join in the testing of the game. And the reason I bring this to your attention, is that I did sign up for testing and I still haven’t got it. Are you guys still in the process of inviting testers? I don’t want to sound annoying, so please do not take it that way. I’m sure you have my email address so we will just see what happens.

Your feedback

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Play when you can for like two weeks or so. Then give me your feedback. If you must give me feedback when you have an idea. I won’t get mad at you for Instant feedback if you are ready. Just have fun with it My friend. You have waited long enough. Now enjoy it.

Depending on what country you

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Depending on what country you live in. Some people got earlier than others. Some people will get it later today. I would think that if you haven’t gotten the invitation by noon then there may be a problem. Send me a message on mental vision if you haven’t received it by then. Hey Mike

I haven't received an invite to be a game tester yet.

I was wondering why I haven't received an invite to be a game tester yet? If my Apple iTunes email doesn't work, my Apple ID email is
If I don't get in this round, could you please sign me up for the second round of beta testing?

Thank you so much, happy holidays!

focusing on a target

how to i focus on target in the tutorial?

focusing target

Fter holding your device verticly, turn until you hear a beep

focusing sound

I dont understand how i must hold my phone. How do i turn?

not sure if i'm missing something

are there more than 9 stages? By the way, has anyone managed to get into the shop? When I try it says access restricted?

Giving feedback

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If you are giving feedback for game developers. Please use the TestFlight application to do so. If you have a hard time remembering what you want to say. Go to your notes and write them down. I cannot answer all of your emails and the feedback will not get past on because I won’t do it. I do not want to be stressed out because of this. Please understand.

Teacher in session

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Holding your device vertical means, home button is towards the floor phone speaker towards the sky. If you turn 360° to find the enemy. Once you locate the enemy tap the screen to shoot your gun. I do not know how more simple this could be. We are planning on making it a little bit more challenging. This is the baby version. We wanted to start game testing early so we could get the visually impaired committees feedback on what we can do to make this game perfect. Just relax and have fun with it. This is only the first level.

Holding your phone.

You must hold your phone so that the headphone jack is facing the ground and the top of the phone is facing the sky.

Personally I think this is a bit strange that the phone should be held in this way. I think it should be held in portrait or landscape mode as it's easier.

I am waiting for my invitation as well

Hello, Joe. I am in the group of the ones who have not gotten their invitation yet. I received an email from you last Friday with instructions on how to download the game so, that makes me think I am still in the list of beta testers. I suppose I can only wait for my invitation. :-)
Thank you in advance.

You’re not the only one

You’re not the only one, because I haven’t received mine either. I have been in contact with Joe, he says that apparently Apple have said that my email address is in active. This next part will mainly be for the developer, but make sure that we are being put as external testers, not internal ones. Remembering that you can have up to 10,000 external testers. However, I did some digging and found that this weird problem appears to have happened at some point last year, according to Apple developer community forms. It’s strange, but I think we might be in the second round of testing that will be at some point.


App Developer

If you haven’t received your invitation in your email inbox. You should check your spam folder or junk email folder. Everyone has gotten their invitation that was on the list confirmed by Apple. Let me know if you did not get it and I will figure it out

I couldn't find my invitation; I looked everywhere.

I looked in the junk folders for both my Yahoo and AOL email addresses, but couldn't find anything. Oh well, guess I just have to wait till round two of testing.

I was really looking forward to playing the game though. My Apple ID is in comment 314! I hope that helps!

Have a wonderful week and happy holidays!
PS: I apologize for sending you my AOL email September 30, that's my Apple iTunes account. Anyway, good luck with the beta testing, looking forward to joining in .

Help for stage 8


I'm stuck on stage 8. The flying things, swarm around me and I can't kill them all. i know one hit of the bat or shot with the gun kills them but there seams to be to many to kill. It must be able to be done but at the moment, I can't figure it out.

As I said in my email, I really wish you could skip cut scenes.

Also as far as I know; i can't use powerups, i'm thinking some kind of tornado powerup would help a lot in this situation.

How can I use power up?

This game is awsum! I love it. But how can I get power ups?

if i

if i had to guess, from the shop, but we'll have to wait till later in the game i think. This releace is still very early; not everything has been implemented yet. Great game. Cant wait to see what is nexth By the way, will we be able to buy more weapons later on?

i got stuck too

lol i got stuck on stage 8 as well. I kinda just went crazy and starting just shooting and swinging the bat arround... It worked. Though almost not... haha

Is anyone past stage 8 yet?

Just wondering, but if anyone who is passed stage 8, please help us, because most people can't Finnish it, and I can't Finnish it. Please.

go with

GO with the bat. To pass that stage i mostly used the bat. Given that there a lot of enemies coming at you, you don't have the time to aim with the gun. You could manage it for one or two, sure, but its best to go all out melee on that stage. Hope that helps

targeting not working

when i play the tutorial stage i centre the boing sound but why is it not targetting? doesn't seem very well implemented.


You need to hold your phone with the headphone jack facing the floor and the top of the phone facing the sky.

I'm not a fan of this way of doing things, I prefer just holding my phone flat but that's not how the game works at the moment.


App Developer

If there is something about the game that you do not like. Please go to your TestFlight application and give us your feedback there. Once I get an email from the project manager I will answer your questions In an email. This game is still in beginning stages. Everyone wanted to play it so, we released it for game testing. During the second round of game testing, we will add things to it based on your feedback. If you have difficulties or hints on how to pass a certain stage. I do not mind if you share it here with the other testers. I really do hope that all of you are having fun with it. Second round of game testing will be a lot more enjoyable. There will be more stuff unlocked for you to test.


Any at vice 4 stage ate

Level 8

Level 8 is kind of a beast. I died the first few times too. You just really have to be quick on targeting, and using your melee weapon seems to be the best option for a lot of the enemies. If the enemies are getting pretty loud, use your melee, otherwise if they're still rather quiet, they're off in the distance and you can shoot them. I finally beat Level 8 over my lunch break today. I did eventually die, but after the usual death dialog, it said I completed the mission, and I moved on. I'm not exactly sure what the success state for this mission is, other than surviving long enough. It's a fun game though so far.


I tested this out, i think it is awesome.

sad about not being able to test this game

Sent an email but no reply. Still, I wish you all good luck in testing this game. I hear it's awesome. Enjoy, guys. Good luck.

Your email

App Developer

Hello drummer. I don’t believe I got your email. Re-send it and I’ll see what I can do. Make sure it’s the same one you use your Apple ID with.

About testing

Hello. I know I arrrived a bit late to the party, so will likely not be able to sign up for this round of testing, but could you please let me know when the next round will be? I would be extremely interested in trying it out. I loved audio defence and was sad to see it go.

same here

I'd really love to join round two of testing as well. Can you please let me know about when to send you my E-Mail?

Another one who did not receive his invitation

I received the preliminary instructions last Friday. I did not received my invitation to download the game or the link for the test flight application. Please let me know what I need to do. I would be more than happy to give this a try. It looks like loads of fun!

Susie come lately

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If you were on the back Up list and did not get an invitation. Then you did not make the list. Sorry. Nothing I can do about it now. When we start the second round, I will post on here. So, keep your eyes open for it. Ha ha. Good luck.


App Developer

Great feedback so far guys. Really helping us make this game better. Keep it coming

How to sign up?

How do I sign up for this? I would really like to play this since I never even got to play audio defense before it was removed

Special project

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I have been telling the development team for the last 10 months , how special this project is going to be for our community. With all of your valuable feedback. They finally believe it for themselves. You would not believe the ideas and work going on right now. If you have tested the first version. Wait till you see the final Draft. It is becoming better than I could ever have imagined. Just one word to sum it up. Wow!

I can predict

I can predict that fighting the Circus master will not go so well.. Oooo, Just imagine. Exciting keep up the great work. Hope you can fight the circus master at the end, and see what's going to happen to him.

New iPhone

Hello, I have a new iPhone and so the game is no longer available. So may I ask for an invitation to send the feedback?

New iPhone

App Developer

If you were able to get a new iPhone over the holiday. You will have to try to re-download CMR from TestFlight. If you are not able to. You can give feedback by sending me an email at mentalvision.info@gmail.com

To test this game

yes, but for reasons of time I have not had the opportunity to test the game extensively. Also I therefore need another invitation so that I can send a proper feedback. The game is not available on TestFlight anymore.