Clearing Cache From iPhone


What other ways are there to clear cashe from iPhone than deleting and reinstalling apps? I have many apps and don't want to delete and reinstall them all one by one.


It is a great app

It is a great app & is very effective junk file remover. To add to it, is largely accessible...

Another way to clear cache

Hello, someone was asking how to clear cache from their iPhone, the weird thing is I was just showed last night how to do it. Here are the steps, One Press the lock button until it says power off, then release the lock button and hit your home button until you hear a click, then it's done.

Home Button

How do you mean hit the home button? Do I press it, tap it, or what do I do to get it to click?

I'm sorry let me explain more.

Number one press and hold the lock button until it says power off, number to press and hold the home button until it clicks. That should do it. Sorry about that

I Did That

I held the home button down, and Siri came up.

Explaining how to clear app memory.

You have to do this to clear app memory. I'll do my best to do this step by step so everyone can get it. If I do this badly feel free to ask more.

Before you do this, you have to have your phone unlocked, this will not work with a locked phone. So if it's just sitting there locked, pick it up and unlock it. Once it's on your home screen or whatever, then hit the power button. Hold down the power button until it says power off, then let up on the power button. Then hit the home button and hold it down until your phone starts talking to you again, and that means it's done. Once you do this it won't show anything in your app switcher as active anymore, but you can still open them from the app switcher and they will work just fine.

I hope I explained that okay.


Got that

Ok, I did that, but when I went to check if any cache got cleared, it still showsed the same information from before.

Clearing Cache From iPhone

Hi Apple Khmer

I've also performed the same method on an iPhone 6S and an iPad Pro to no avail.

Caution is urged when regularly clearing cache as instructed in this thread as it may cause detrimental damage to the battery according to what I've read online. That said, MacWorld offer various tips including the quick spring clean discussed in this topic.

I would still recommend Memory & Disc Scanner Pro.


I'm not sure if that clears cash or if it just frees up what memory your apps are currently using. I believe it is freeing up the memory your apps are currently using, not clearing cash. I rarely do it, but if it can be bad for the battery, I wont' anymore.

I explained how to do it because I was shown how to do it earlier this year, and I thought I'd explain.


Did follow instruction and it seems to help with memory but since it may affect my battery I will not do it.

That Seems to Work

The recommended app seems to work, but I had to run the scan a few time befoer the number of junk files got down to zero.

Memory versus cache and what to try

The abovementioned trick frees memory not cache. To clear the cache, follow the instructions here: Another thing to do is to check exactly which enhanced voices for VoiceOver have been downloaded. On my phone, I was able to clear many gigabytes of space because one enhanced voice from each language--even languages I have never used with VoiceOver--was downloaded to my device without me noticing. Hence I had voices that I would never need which took up several gigabytes. Go through and delete those as well.