Changing the root password after jailbreaking.

I've been wanting to jailbreak my iPhone again, but when I did it the last time, I had a very hard time figuring out how to change my root password. I eventually got so frustrated that I went back to stock firmware. I tried using a few SSH clients on my PC, but I found things sort of confusing, and I could never get the instructions for changing your root password using an SSH client to work. I could also not get Mobile Terminal to work on the iPhone. Not only could I not see what I'd typed, but I couldn't see the responses that Mobile Terminal gave me, either. So, I'm looking for a way to accessibly change my root password. On a sidenote, do I need to change my root username, as well? I think I might, but I'm not sure. Looking forward to jailbreaking again, Shersey


Hi Shersey, You don't have to

Hi Shersey, You don't have to change the root user name, and i don't think there is no way you can do it. I am going to create a podcast how to change the root password is coming weekend so you can just follow along. Don't worry it will be very very easy. It may seem complicated but it is not.

Changing root password

Changing your root password is a relatively easy process. Just follow this link.

change the root password

Step 1: Go to Cydia and search for MobileTerminal app and then install it on your iPhone. Once you have successfully installed MobileTerminal, Reboot your iPhone. MobileTerminal Step 2: Now start MobileTerminal app and type the following command: passwd MobileTerminal Step 3: You’ll now be asked for your old password which should be ‘alpine’ (without the quotes), followed by a new one of your choice (twice). Simply enter your old and new password and you are done!

To the previous comment, If

To the previous comment, If that's exactly you did to change your root password, I'm afraid your password is still alpine. After you open the mobile terminal, you have to type SU and press return. Then, you can type the alpine and press return. Then type the command passwd and press the return again. Now, you can type your new password and press return. Then, lastly, confirm the password by typing it again and press return. If you have done all the necessary steps correctly, you've successfully changed the root password. I can see where Shersey frustration coming from because mobile terminal is not providing any voice over feed back, even the client for the windows.

Just SSH in to your phone

Just SSH in to your phone, use username root, and password alpine. Then type passwd, and press entre. Put in your new password, press entre. Then once it's changed, type passwd mobile, and entre the password. IT can be a different one.