Changing Notification Sounds

If this question has previously been asked, I apologize. Is there any way to change sounds for a specific notification? Particularly, I would like to change the notification sound that is played when I receive a new tweet. I have been told this is not possible to do, so I wanted to try and find out for sure if anyone knows. Thanks in advance for any help you can give.


changing notification sounds on iPhone

First go to settings then go to general then sounds then choose the custom notification you want to have a different sound for then choose the sound you want for that notification then that is it you have now set a custom sound for a notification on you're iPhone.

Wow, let me try to break that down a little for you.

First off, I don't know if she meant an iPhone. And if i've gotten your gender wrong, I'm so sorry. Second, if you are talking about an iPhone or iPad or iPod, you can go to the notifications and sounds and do as he suggested. If it's a Mac, and you want help feel free to ask me via the contact link, I can skype and we'll figure this hwole thing out. Good luck. :)

I should have put that info

I should have put that info in my question. I am using an iPhone 4S, running the latest version of IOS 6.

Twitter Sounds

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Hello Tammie, Unfortunetly, I am not aware of any way to change your Twitter native app sounds. So what you hear is what you get I'm afraid. The Settings -> Sounds for Tweet. This Tweet is only when you are using a 3rd party app that post a Tweet successfully. There may be other Twitter client app that may allow you to change the sounds of your Tweets and such but I am using Twitter along side with Twitterrific. Twitterrific has its own unique sounds that is different than the Twitter native client. However, in Twitterrific you can't change the type of sounds either. Hopefully, maybe somebody else might have more suggestion than what I can provide. So good luck on your quest! HTH

I had heard this was the

I had heard this was the case, but wanted to see if anyone had any different experiences. Thanks for clarifying the information I had was correct.