Can't run telnet to connect to MUDs

Hello everyone,
I've recently upgraded to MacOS High sierra, version 10.13. After spending a few minutes with the new OS, I found out, to my dismay, that I could no longer use the telnet command to connect to a MUD I like to play, and attempts to use telnet links on the website of the concerned MUD proved useless, as my mac told me that the telnet command does not exist. Does anyone have any idea as to why this has happened and how I can fix it?
Thanks in advance.


#1 Use HomeBrew

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Apple decided to remove Telnet, however there is a workaround.

I honestly would not recommend telnet for mudding, there are better console clients out there, such as TinTin++. Having said that, you can install Homebrew from, with this single command:

/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

After that, type in brew install telnet and you should be good to go.


#2 telnet was removed along with

telnet was removed along with ftp in MacOS high Sierra. I would recommend not grabbing the files from another machine as they wont be updated in later version and they also could be deleted if future MacOS version check for that sort of stuff. I would reccommend getting a package manager like homebrew and grabbing an ftp client and telnet client if those are important to you. They will be kept up to date via homebrew and they wont offer wholes into your system if you use them correctly.
Question, why aren't you using a mud client like tintint++? It is way more powerful than simple (unencrypted) telnet.

#3 Have no idea how to install TinTinPlusPlus

Hello everyone,
Thank you all for the helpful replies. For those of you who wonder why I'm not using TinTinPlusPlus, I have no idea about how to install the client, and the official website offers only source tar balls, and I'm afraid I'll mess up my mac. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

#4 HomeBrew should have it as

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HomeBrew should have it as well. brew install tintin

#5 It is very unlikely you will

It is very unlikely you will harm your mac with homebrew.