Can't remove suspicious app

I downloaded and installed an app from a website, which could lock up other apps from auto-start. However, it didn't work as promised and there is no way to delete it.

No deletion icon in launchpad and no shortcut in Application folder.


#1 search

Try going into spotlight and searching for the app. once found, press option command p to show you the path where the app is located, or just press show in finder. spotlight is command space. hth

#2 I'd restore

From your latest backup or a whole new recovered Mac. Ugh, that sucks man. If you want step by step help, contact me off list. i'll do anything I can. Right before the holidays, too. ;)

#4 Try an addware removal program

I use Malware bytes. It has a free and a paid upgrade option for automatic scanning and protection. I mean automatic protection,. Anyway see if that might get rid of it.

#5 Hi,

I used to use malware bites, but found, just today, another antivirus application in the new app store. It's called Antivirus Zap, just do a search in the mac app store. So far, it's accessible, with a few unlabeled buttons, but if you scroll down to the end of the window and use navigation commands, then you should figure out what they do, because the text is at the bottom of the screen. So far i found 7 infected files i didn't know about and it seems like a great app.

#6 I don't know what app that

I don't know what app that you downloaded on your Mac ,I'm afraid they might be some kind of Trojan virus,try uninstalling it by the best Mac eraser :
If you still don't ,you'd better stop using the Mac and take it to the pits.

#7 bit defender

Another option for a good anti virus is bit defender virus scanner. It is accessible, with one or two unlabled buttons. If worse comes to worse; restore from a backup when that app was not installed