Can you put a name to this iOS game for me?

Hello everyone, You know I guess I have never been good even with my eye sight when a game wants from you to be some what smart in the mystery stuff and so on, a while ago, someone had talk about a game that you would play with just one finguer and it was a lady I think that try to get out of mad house? and it had 3 d sound, I thought to have take a note about it and I lost it if anyone remember this game can you let me know the name of it please? or any su ggestion of games that would have a lot of sound and a novice or dum dum like me could play! big smile! thanks


#1 any suggestion would be appreciated

You know I was and I am curieus about this game of mad house but really any suggestion of game that joke a side would be like very super simple maybe not very good for most of you, but if any one know a games for ipad with the number 9, mini ipad 2 with retna I think they call it, but a game with a lot of sound and super simple any suggestion would be appreciated thanks again

#2 escape the house

I think the game you're referring to was called escape the house. It was a very interesting concept and I managed to complete it. However, I do not believe it's available anymore. A friend got himself an iPhone recently but couldn't find it so he asked me to search as well and I sadly had as much luck as he did.

#3 thank you but I just remember something

Hello and good day
thanks to you and everyone that did try to help me.
I wanted to say that last night I was playing with my ipad and 2 words hit me like a ton of brick!!!
I may be wrong but you know with in the title or the name of the game, it started with the word mad and I thought that the name of the girl in the game was mary and it was part of the name of the game if I am remembering right?
And I was trying to think at the description of the game , that was just before Christmass , the reason I remember is because I turned 60 on December 24, I was like everyone else occupied to make sure that I had save enough money for my little girl she is 7, and like a million of other she wanted as many as possible of those dawll and they are not cheap the bugger!!!!
you know this is just a joke but I just phone the apple store to get the price of the same ipad that I have but the selleler model, and I sware with the money I spended on her I could have had my selelur!!!!!!
Enough to cry!!! just joking I love her and she comes first.
but I remember that the girl in the game is in a I am so sorry but I will not be politicly correct because I have no idea how to spell the big word they use in the description of the game but the girl some how is in a hospital for crazy people and they are after her and they were saying that to play the game, you just needed to do some gestier with only one finger but what did intrigue me is that they said it had 3 d sound.
aand here in Canada, at the library one time I have had a regular cd right, a kind of radio show if you will base on a book of Stephen king but it was with 3 d sound.
some kind of simulation technology I am guessing.
but I tell you, it felt so real, the story was simple, a group of people are like in a house or something like this and some kind of people from another planet arrive.
and when I lawed down with the head set, one of the actor sounder right in the front of me and than a big boom on my left but behind me and it came from all around me it was great and I didn't have any kind of special equipment so I am guessing that when they say with 3 d sound it would be similar.
oh I do remember the name of the cd kind of book of Stephen kind in 3 d sound and again sorry for the spelling it is call the miss
you know like a miss is falling like thick fog and so on I think the spelling is m I s t
but not sure
so I don't know I thought by saying this it may trigger the memory of someone.
but thanks again

#4 answer to query

i believe you are thinking of recent game called madness daze?
good luck and HTH

#5 thanks very much it is the one

Yes, it is the one I had in mind I thank you very much I can't wait to try it, my e mail was messed up, by my fault but I had to get someone to help me, so that is why I am late seeing your post I made sure to copy and pace the name of the game in a text document thanks again.