Bugs on ios 10.0.1

Hi, just wanted to post what I've noticed on ios 10.0.1
When I tried to update contact info in the Phone ap, every time I tried to delete a birthday that was in the contact, the ap closes and takes me to the home page. Also, if I try to add in a Chinese Calendar birthday, the ap closes down as soon as I click on Chinese calendar.
* Really wish the Chinese Calendar wasn't written only in Chinese... Koreans use it too! I do not know Chinese... :(

Also, noticed that this version still has not fixed the scrolling functions in calendar and contacts... When I flick right or left to go up and down, it only goes so far down and I have to do a three finger scroll to be able to get to where I would like to go to...
I'm using iPhone 5.


Focus when deleting in Notifications

I am currently running IOS 10 on an iPod 6th Gen having had to roll back to 9.35 on my iPhone due to a separate Braille related bug.

When I bring up the Notifications screen using Voice Over and then clear an individual item the focus of Voice Over jumps back to the Search button at the beginning. This means that I have to make several swipes right to get back to the next item at the beginning of the list. This becomes very tedious if there are several items in Notifications I want to interact with.

The behaviour in IOS 9.35 was that Voice Over Focus would be moved to the next item in the list thus allowing it to be dealt with immediately. This is clearly more efficient and logical.

I've reported it to Apple Access as a bug.