Bugs with formatting in the kindle for ios app and voiceOver/braille displays

Hello all,

I am attempting to read with my braille display and the kindle for iOS app. I am noticing that words frequently have 2 spaces after them when they should have only one. This seems random, as far as I can tell, Its not just the end of sentences or anything like that. Moreover, I am finding that there are not paragraph breaks where there should be, such as between lines of dialogue. This makes reading really odd, and breaks the flow of text to the point where using the app is a shore. If you switch your voiceover rotor to character and then read the text character by character, you can also see these things, though when reading continually, they are not noticeable. I have tried changing font and alignment and justification settings, to no apparent effect. If anyone has any idea at all what I can try, I would greatly appreciate it. The apple books app does not have this problem, but kindle is available on more devices and porting my entire library would be both prohibitively inconvenient and expensive.


#1 Alternatively, could others

Alternatively, could others confirm they are also seeing this bug and provide info about your device? I'm using an iphone XMax with the latest ios beta and latest kindle version.

#2 I am seeing it too

yes, I am seeing this bug too. More annoyingly, when I scroll to a new page either with the braille display panning or by using the keyboard command, the Braille display is blank. I have to use either the previous or next thumb key to get it back on track. That's not the end of the world, but it's an extra thing to do. I have never seen that issue before. i'm using a Brailliant BI14 and an iPhone 8, and I have tried various ways of squashing these bugs but to no effect.