Budgeting or check register app

Do any of you have a recommendation for someone looking for an accessible budgeting or check register app for the iPhone?
Thank you.


Accounts 2 Checkbook

Its by SVT Software. I use it on an iPad but see its available for iPhone also. I do have some vision but am a heavy user of Voiceover. In my experience Voiceover works very well in this app. I've been using it for at least four years.

A Numbers spreadsheet

If your needs are simple, there's a couple of budgeting template spreadsheets in Numbers.


The app I use is the Mint app from Mint dot com. It links all of your accounts in complete dashboard.


iSpending from Hana Mobile works really well with VO. I like this one because it's so flexible. If you only want to keep track of say your annual Kindle purchases, you can do that, without the app forcing you to add an income source first. You can create your own customized categories if you don't find something you like from the prepopulated options. You can also see different summaries of your transactions, as well.

Highly recommended.

are there any accessible ios apps for budgitting?

Hi all. I am just wondering I have a verry hard time budgitting. I was never taught it at w rauss macdonald and I am struggling with it do to the fact that math is one of my werst subjects and I just don’t understand it. are there any accessible budgiting apps out there that work with vo? to be clear what I would like the app to be able to do is 1 to tell me how mutch I have 2 if I buy something to tell me how mutch I have left and 3 if I am going to be hit with a nsf fee if I try to buy something and 4 that it would not allow me to buy it. I also struggle with buying things on line. I use rbc for my banking and paypal how ever I have not used the rbc app or the paypal app that mutch even though I have them each on my phone. many thanks for any help any one can give me. from Mich from New Liskeard Ontario Canada.

Re Mint

Hi, I use Mint as well. It's pretty useful, and you can set up various different things. I've not tried setting up budgets, but I have seen the ability to add various transactions. Which is in a way part of a budget. You budget would be having money going various places. I.E. $x goes for phones, $y goes for food, and so on.
If anything there is a spread sheet.