Using Braille Keyboard for iPad

My youngest daughter has low vision, and we are exploring options for note-taking, writing documents, etc. She is fluent in Braille. I know that iPad has the capability to output information to a Bluetooth-enabled refreshable Braille display (such as the Focus 40 Blue), but can these displays (that have Braille keys) also be used to write to documents in applications such as Pages or Evernote? Thanks in advance for help!


#1 braille displays

I had success with several braille displays. i use it for reading and taking notes even at longer meetings.

#2 Braille displays

Thanks for your quick reply, Tom. Can you tell me which displays you have had success with?

#3 TThis is what I use.

Hi, I use the APH Refreshabraile braille display. it is 18 cells, and quite small in size. the keys are about half the size of a normal braille notetaker's keys. I can write in either contracted or uncontracted braille in any app that allows text input. I do hope this helps. Take care and be safe. Talk soon.

#4 using a braille display with Ios devices

Hi is there any way of saving where you left off while reading with a braille display?  When ever I am reading and the screen locks, I have to find my spot again.  Thanks.  Also is there a way to find a particular text or word while searching in a large document?  It would be like doing a control F. with Jaws.