A Possible Braille Screen Input Bug

Hello all, this last weekend, I updated from iOS 12 to iOS 13.3.1. Ever since I updated, I hear a strange sound while typing in braille screen input. I think it is the sound that Voiceover makes when the app in use offers a prediction? Anyway, I don't hear it when I type very slowly, but, if I type at my normal pace, I keep hearing that bubble sound constantly.

Has anyone else experienced this? If so, do you know a way to make it stop? I have experimented with every setting I could find in the keyboard area of general settings but nothing has changed. I'm open to the idea that I missed something, but I'm also wondering if this is a bug. Anyway, any thoughts and/or solutions would be welcome.


Have you restarted your phone?

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Oftentimes after an update, if your phone is behaving strange, a restart will solve some of the problems. I don't know why that is since the phone restarts after the installation, but there you have it. I hope that ma ywork for you.

This isn't a bug. What's

This isn't a bug. What's happening is that its trying to generate suggestions and corrections. If you go into the Settings>accessibility>VoiceOver>audio>sounds and Haptics section, look for the autofill suggestion appeared option under the text editing heading, and turn the sound and or haptic off. This will fix it.

RE: This Isn't a Bug

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@Tangela, thanks for that information. I didn't even know braille typing could do predictions. Does it work with braille at all? In other words, do you have to switch between braille and regular keyboard to accept a word prediction? Thanks.