Selecting text with a braille display

Hello' I have an iPhone SE and a focus 14 blue blaille display' I have read the manual for using the focus 14 and focus 40 blue braille displays with iOs and there is a command to select text wich I cannot remember right now' How do I edit text using a braille display


#1 tried the command

I tried that select text command and it just says move insersion point and I am not sure I know how to move it.

#2 Selecting text

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Hi Sabrina.
You have 2 different methods by which you can select text using a braille display. You can enable Text Selection under the VoiceOver and then find it in your rotor options when you find text you wish to select. Then, press space with 3 or 6 to change the type of selection, and then space with dot 1 or 4 to then begin highlighting the text. The other method also involves the rotor. If you want to select by word, for example, turn the rotor to words, and then when you have the cursor located at the beginning of the text you wish to select, press space with 2-5-6. You can also use lines, characters, or any other element available to you in the rotor. Note that you can't select text directly in email messages, you have to pretend you are replying and then scrol down past your signature to begin selecting. I hope this helps.

#3 insertion point

On my braillesense u2 I can change the insertion point by pressing the cursor key over that character.
If your display lacks curcor keys I don't know how to do it.

#4 Thanks

Thank you' I have now learned to do it this way' I use text selection but I discovered that I can use the right navrocker to move selection' That works really great' I am writing a book and needed to know how to select text' it works for me with that method'