Problem Connecting Focus Braille Display with IOS 10.2

I can confirm this serious bug which has made it impossible to connect/reconnect and use Focus Braille displays with IOS 10.2. Questions: Where and how to contact Apple and how to follow this thread and any developments?


#1 Problem Connecting/Reconnecting Focus Braille Display on IOS 10.

I contacted Freedom Scientific and the technical support person said that Apple put out a beta yesterday that fixed the problem. Any way to get that beta?

#2 Apple Beta Software Program

If you want to test Beta software, you can sign up for the program at:

#3 Same problem with my sister's Focus 40 Blue

Hello all,

Just joined this forum and look forward to reading and helping out as much as I can with any issues people are having.

Have there been any fixes for the 10.2 braille display conflict? My sister and I are both using Focus 40 displays with our iPhones. She recently got a new phone and hadn't pared the display. It accidentally got updated to iOS 10.2 and we were not able to connect the display. It would pair with the pin code and then say connecting a few times before saying not connected.

I did some experimenting by forgetting my Focus 40 on my iPhone to try and connect hers. This brought on further issues and I was unable to pair mine again. I am still using iOS 7.3.5 and it worked fine before so I was very confused. Turned out I went into settings/general/reset and reset my network settings. This fixed the problem for my phone and display. Has anyone tried this with 10.2 and their display?

I imagine that still wouldn't solve the problem since it sounds like it is a problem with Apple and 10.2. It also seems it is impossible to downgrade once you have it and from what I read on this forum, not sure there is a beta that is reliable.

If anyone has any other ways they got around this I'd love to hear them. If not, guess we'll have to wait for the next iOS update.