Creating .BRF Files

Hello gang!!
I recently acquired books in epub format. I'd like to read them with BARD Mobile, so I converted them to .doc format with RoboBraille, to then be able to convert them into Braille.
After this, I went back to RoboBraille and tried to convert them into Braille and got stuck. First of all I don't know what format to choose when presented with the dialogue box; any help with this would be appreciated.
Also if anyone knows of any alternatives to RoboBraille, I'd love to hear about them.
Thanks in advance,


#1 Pitfalls

First off, you should be aware that doing this will most likely remove any navigational elements from the book. In the BARD app, reading with text-to-speech is also not possible, so you absolutely must have a Braille display. If you don't have a Braille display, you will not be able to read any BRF books.

The best way to do this involves a few things. First, you'll need Calibre, to convert the EPUB book to TXT; and NFBTrans (or a similar application) to convert the text file into BRF.