Braille files on ios devices

Hi all,

With the recent advancements in portable storage introduced with Ios 13, it is now possible to share files between the iphone or ipad and braille displays such as the orbit, which have an ;sd card reader. However, I do not know a way to convert from common file formats such as txt to braille files, or from braille to text. If this is possible, it would provide a very convenient way to access documents on both devices. Does anyone know whether this is possible, or is something which is being worked on still? It is possible to download books from bookshare with safari, unzip them with files, and then to an SD card making them accessible on the orbit. However I have not found away to translate ;brl or ;brf and txt or other common file types.


you can send files as email attachments to this address and have them converted.
I am not positive it will do .brf to .txt; there's a lot to it.
you can get help files at their website under resources.

My hims u2 will convert files, but that does you little good.
some displays have thet capability.

I bet there are computer programs that will do it.

I appreciate that resource.

I appreciate that resource. However I would prefer to keep everything on-device, if possible. An app to do this would be incredibly helpful.

Braille to text and vice versa.

An excellent program to turn text into Braille is APH's Braille Blaster. I love it. I suppose you can do the reverse but haven't tried it. To turn braille into text, I use winbt, which is very easy to use. I would love to find a program that does several files at a time, but otherwise, I'm happy with these programs.