What braille translaters are available on the mac?

Braille on Apple Products

Guys, I have a bit of a question. A friend of mine who'll be left for now unnamed might be getting a braille embosser. They do have access to a Windows 10 machine, however they also have a 2019 mac mini which as far as I'm aware is running Mojave. I don't think they updated it yet to Catalina for certain technical reasons. I could be wrong though. At either case, what software is out there that they'd need to use to interface this thing via USB, and translate to either U E B, or to literary EBAY grade 2 braille? I know in Windows, the most well noted is Duxbury, but I don't think we have that for OSX, do we? Thank you for any help.



Submitted by AlienX on Friday, February 14, 2020

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I was told that BB does not offer editing ability. Duxbury does indeed offer a Mac version which came out in 2018 and most definitely runs under macOS.