Focus 14 Blue and iPhone SE: Issues in Certain Form Fields

Braille on Apple Products

Hi! I'm using the 4th generation Focus 14 Blue with an iPhone SE running IOS 11.3.1. For as long as I've been using the Focus (about six months now), I've encountered a problem with form fields on certain sites in Safari. I attempt to input text with the Focus's keyboard, and it disappears as soon as I exit the form field with either the dot 4 chord or the dot 1 chord. In many of these instances, I am unable to tab or shift-tab at all. I tried updating my firmware to 5.90 (as was suggested in another thread), but the 4th generation Focus can't be updated past 5.71. As I said, it only happens on certain sites, which means it's probably an issue with either Voiceover or the site. I wanted to know, however, if anyone has a fix yet, because this is literally interfering with my life. Thanks, and have a great day!