Baum Varioultra40 and 8.3

Braille on Apple Products

Hi everyone.
Can you all give me instructions on how to pair my Varioultra 40 with the iPhone now that I have 8.3? What emulation is best to use? I switched it out of Pronto, and the iPhone does recognize the Varioultra, but it won't let me connect to it.



Submitted by a woman on Friday, April 10, 2015


perhaps try: 'Forget this Device'; close settings in the App Switcher; lock the screen, power off the braille display; wait a minute; turn it back on and make sure Bluetooth is on; go into VO Settings; if the phone finds the display, click on its name.
Shouldn't that work? I hope it does.

All the best :-)

Submitted by Lielle ben simon on Friday, April 10, 2015

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Hello! You can to paring the vario ultra in default emulation mode in vario ultra.
In "settings on a braille display in emulation, select "default emulation" and ios recognize the vario ultra.
You can to paring vario ultra on your ios device. 1. On vario ultra go to settings by press key s1 and wite in the menu s or navigate to ther by press d3 or d6 or navsti. In bluetooth search your ios device. Press on dat and then press the code on of vario ultra that is 1111 on your ios device.
2 go to settings on your ios device, general, accessibility, voiceover and search heding braille display.
Ther choose "vario ultra" "20" or "40 and select it. Press code paring on ios 1111.

Submitted by Rebornspirit on Friday, April 10, 2015

I got it to work!
Thank you !liel ben simon for your reply!