Bluetooth speaker recommendation


I'm planning to buy a bluetooth speaker I'll be using it for my iphone and ipad I'm just not sure what to buy and I think it would be best if I hear it base from people who already had and using it and would love if the bluetooth speaker can work using Siri.



#1 Echo

The echo is my favorite.

#2 Bluetooth speaker recommendation

While this option is by no means inexpensive, I have found that the Bose Soundlink Micro works quite nicely with the iPhone. You can connect the speaker to up to 8 different Bluetooth devices, and when paired with the iPhone, the Soundlink Micro also enables you to activate Siri and respond to phone calls using a button the speaker itself. Besides, the audio quality is quite nice. Moreover, the speaker has built-in speech.

#3 I also have a JBL speaker

I also have a JBL speaker ordered it directly to their site it works with siri. My friend is using Aomais which working great with siri There's a lot of bluetooth speaker I can recommend but the price is just too high most of them are so competitive in regards to features.