Blindsquare GPS and Intersections


A couple of days ago, I was walking in a semi-unfamiliar area so I decided to drag out my trusty BlindSquare GPS. When I approached what I believed would be an intersection, I was hearing no announcement of it from the app. So, I slowed, then stopped, still no announcement. So, I finally did a "nearby intersections" option and it said the intersection was 30 feet from my location. (The accuracy that day was 15 or 16 feet.)

So, my question is: Why didn't BlindSquare announce the intersection as I came up to it? I checked this out several times and, each time, it didn't announce. I had my phone facing me, at chest-level and at a slight angle, so not sure if that made any difference.

So, how can I get BlindSquare to announce all upcoming intersections? If I can't get BlindSquare to do it, can I get any other GPS app that will do it?


#1 Intersection anouncement

Did you set it for short intersection announcement direction and make sure tracking intersection is on. Go to other and setting to check. Hope this help.

#2 How do I do that?

How do I do that?

#3 Misty D

OK. 1. go to other, 2, go to setting, 3 slide until you see track and turn it on, slide to intersection short direction and reduce the number. I have it in short and it tells me when I am very close to the street. Hope this help.

#4 same here

My college campus is in a semifamiliar area to me, so I've attempted to use my phone with BlindSquare, and I've experienced the same issue. Not only with intersections, but with points of interests as well. Some of these points have been created by me within the app as well. The accuracy it claims is also 16 feet, however, it's way off. I really don't want to say it's a BlindSquare issue, but if it is, hopefully it can be fixed soon. Any good alternatives for when these issues arise?

#5 Unlisted?

If the road is new, or new enough not to be included on the databases and maps that BlindSquare uses, then it will not be picked up by the app. Could this be the case?

#6 Similar Here

I have one intersection the Blind Square doesn't announce. I generally approach it from the west, or south. Either way, I never hear an intersection announcement. They are not new roads, and I pass many other intersections on both roads with no such issues.

#7 Re: BlindSquare GPS and Intersections

Near the top of your screen is a picker item called "Filter Announcements." You might want to check how you have it set. The choices are none, places only, streets and my places, my places, streets only, and all.
I hope this helps.

#8 Announcements Unreliable

It seems to me that the announcements both of addresses and intersections are quite unreliable with this app.

For instance, when I approach an intersection one way, it will announce that it is upcoming, but, if I approach it another way, it doesn't annunce it at all.

Also, sometimes, when I come back onto my own property, it will announce my address. Other times, it won't. There really seems to be no pattern.

Can anyone either recommend ways to fix this or another accessible GPS app that is 100% or at least more reliable with announcements?

#9 Where is our turn-by-turn?

Also, wasn't BLindSquare supposed to be getting turn-by-turn like a really long tiem ago? Yet, I don't see that option anywhere!

IMO, this is where this app is seriously deficient as I have to use Apple Maps in combination with it to do turn-by-turn as well as have major points of interest announced.

Any other good blindie GPS apps that actually have this?

#10 turn by turn

I like Navigon for this.