Best Way to Use Netflix

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Hello, So I am late to the Netflix game. I have read the Netflix iOS app entry and it seems that accessibility may be a mixed experience? What is the best way to use Netflix? Via the iOS app or via an Apple TV? Is one more accessible is what I am asking? Thanks.


Netflix Hands-down On Apple TV

I use Netflix both on the iPhone and Apple TV. While using the app on the phone is dueable, I much prefer it on the Apple TV. I keep the app for when I don't have access to the Apple TV. The app is accessible using VO, but it takes some getting used to.


I use Netflix regularly on my phone, and it works fine - actually it's a bit better than it used to be - but the last poster is right, it takes some getting used to, and can be slightly frustrating at times. If you have an Apple TV, I'm sure that's a better option, though sadly I don't know this from experience. But if it's a choice between watching it on an iPhone or a Mac, the iPhone wins every time. The Netflix player in Safari is pretty atrocious, last I tried it.

I third that

I use Netflix on an Apple TV, 3rd generation all the time. It is fully accessible and easy to use. On my iphone 6, it is more difficult to navigate and find what i want.

Of course my phone is mobile, and the TV is not, so there is that.

Yes AppleTV

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It is awesomely simple to use on the AppleTV. I have the new AppleTV, and like the third generation one, it works great.

Definitely go for Apple TV

I just want to register yet another vote for Netflix on the Apple TV. It works very, very well. I actually deleted the IOS app since given the choice, I would always prefer to access Netflix on my apple tv.

Apple TV

Apple TV is easy to use, never used it on iOS myself since my device is an ancient iPod touch 4th gen.

However, netflix does have limitations on the apple tv, like not being able to edit your profile like you can on playstation.

That's probably the only drawback.