The best Document management apps

Hi all,

I have tried some apps like "documents from readdle" and some others but none of these seem to make the grade. Either they're not 100% accessible or are not very nice to use with VoiceOver, so I was wondering if anyone could recommend a document managing app. I checked here on applevis but the entries are a little old so maybe there's something new out there. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated, thank and have a nice day,


#1 check Out DropBox

I use DropBox both on my Windows PC and iPhone. Both are quite accessible. I like being able to have access to my urgent files via the DropBox program. I have both music and text files there. It's also nice to be able to share files with others via a shared folder.


#2 Google Drive

I like Google Drive. Voiceover works well and its easy to make folders and move documents into them. Renaming is simple too. You can choose to keep your documents on your device if you want. I see an option for sharing where names or email addresses are entered.

#3 The best document management apps

Hi all,

Thanks for your suggestions, both recommendations sound good, I will check them out. Have a nice day, fritz