Best barcode reader that has been recently updated to work with iOS 11?

Hi all,
Does anyone know of a free barcode reader app that has been recently updated to work with iOS 11? I tried searching the app store and, although I found several of them, some have not been updated for like a year already and some, whilst being updated more recently, has accessibility issues.


#1 Seeing AI

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I recommend using the Product channel in the Seeing AI app for bar code scanning. Seeing AI beeps as the bar code comes closer and closer to being correctly focused in the camera's view. Don't forget to double tap on More Info for product instructions and other additional information.



#2 Seeing AI not available

Unfortunately Seeing AI isn't available in Thailand, which is where I live.

#3 Digit-Eyes

Have you tried Digit-Eyes? It seems to work pretty well on iOS 11.

#4 Digit-Eyes isn't free

Thanks for the suggestion.
However Digit-Eyes isn't free and since I don't think I'll use this kind of app often I don't feel like paying for it.
Is there any accessible free ones?

#5 Red Laser

You can try Red Laser but it's not as consistently accessible.

#6 Hi,

I tried searching the app store but somehow I can't seem to find it; at least I don't see it at the top of the search result; maybe it's not available in Thailand or something (I just asked Siri to search for it).

#8 Oh can it scan barcodes?

Oh can it scan barcodes?

#9 I think red laser is dead

Red laser was surprisingly good back in the day, but around a year ago I believe it stopped working. As far as I know it is a dead app, but correct me if I'm wrong.

#10 you get what you pay for

In a lot of cases, you get what you pay for. I have read the article and responses. My thoughts: Someone suggested an app that isn't always reliable. Why suggest it? Also, if we knew that you live in Thailand, some of the apps might not have been suggested, in particular, Seeing AI. Although it costs, Ditiz-Eyes does work, and it sure beats the price tag of over $1,000 for a portable, self contained bar code scanner.

#11 Can't think of any others

I can't think of any not mentioned but I'll look around for you.

#12 Any non-free Apps?

I live in the US and would love a good barcode scanner. I don't mind paying some if it means better results.