be my eyes and audio

Hi its Carlos,
I just redown load the be my eyes app.
And when I tried to connect to a sighted helper,
I noticed that the audio coming threw the speaker changed like I was making a phone call.
when I ended the session or stoped the trying to attempt to connect request the audio would not return to normal.
usually when a phone call ends voiceover returns to normal.
also there was another time when I tried to connect to be my eyes,
and in that instance the audio went to the phone ear peace not to the speaker.
And I could not get my iphone 6 to have speaker output I had to do a reset.
Has anyone else had problems with the be my eyes app and is there an audio work around?


#1 Be My Eyes Audio

Yeah, I have the same problem. I often close the app with the App Switcher, then the VoiceOver sound can return to normal state.


#2 be my eyes

thank you I tried the app swicher and it did work.
But what about the times when it does not swich in to speaker mode when connecting to a sighted helper?
I had that happen and had to reset the phone for the be my eyes app to work right.
has any one else had this problem.
I did not try closing the app swicher because I did not know about that at that time.